Robert Herjavec – What’s a Shark Tank?

May of  this year my husband Patrick Dodge and myself went on a vacation to Vegas, we purchased tickets to the Billboard Music Awards. Here is my story.

We LOVE Vegas and try to get there once a year but it was about 3 years since the last time we went, which was when we got married back in August 2009. When I heard the Music Awards were in town during our stay I went into action and devised a plan to meet as many celebrities as I possible could. I failed miserably. We ended up getting tickets to the show instead which was worth it but it kept me away from doing any real before or after stalking.

The show ended and we found ourselves stuck in a major human traffic jam, I had to get outside but there was no way. Finally we slipped through a side exit door that led us right down to the parking garage where all the celebrities had previously arrived for the red carpet. There were some stranglers and very little security at the door, all the major stars had hightailed it out of there and I was left in defeat. I stood there watching, waiting to see if anyone would pop out but no luck. Not until some lady pointed out a flashy, good looking dude in a leather coat. Being the celebrity whore that I am I proceeded to bud into her conversation and find out who this man was. She seemed annoyed with me and my black stare but proceeded to answer my questions anyways. She couldn’t remember his name but said he was on Shark Tank and that he is very wealthy. I had no idea what the hell Shark Tank was but I was not going to let this man leave without getting a picture with me. I watched him walk back and fourth for awhile, most of the time on his phone and looking around. He would stop and talk to a pretty lady or a nice looking black man ( Which I think turned out to be Daymond John, also from Shark Tank but by the time I thought him to be someone he was gone..DAMN) and then head back inside, he did this a few times. During all this some homeless man wanted to buy my program from me for like $3.00, I told him to scram or give me $50… Continuing on. Pat had somehow slipped by and was now on the other side of the wall, smiling and waving at me. I thought what I little shit, so I did the same. I took a deep breath, approached the man and asked to get a picture with him. He agreed very nicely, but then moved to quick before the camera was finished flashing 12 times and the picture came out blurry. We ended up taking 2 more until a limo driver came over and took it for us.

Before I made any dramatic Facebook posts I Googled Shark Tank and made sure this man was a somebody, the photos matched up… I was good to go.

Robert Herjavec was the mysterious man in the leather coat that took 3 pictures with me, he was super nice. I would have pushed me down after the first failed attempt but he didn’t.


Take 1                                                     Take 2

Phone pictures 2013 1906 Phone pictures 2013 1907  SharkTankTake 3



Even though I didn’t get to meet a giant flock of stars like I wanted to, the night wasn’t a total bust after all.