Meeting Melissa Etheridge for the Third time.

This was my third time seeing Melissa Etheridge live in concert.

Here’s an update of my first two encounters with the rock star!

It’s a long read, take your dumps now.


The First time was phenomenal and was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to, click here to read the blog and view the pictures. Also I posted a video of some short shaky clips of the concert for your pleasure.


The second one wasn’t that great, don’t get me wrong she put on another fantastic show but a series of events lead me to be a moody pants.

So a quick recap. June 24th, 2016 at Cain Park in Cleveland Heights, Ohio Melissa had come back to perform. I had seen her two years before and she blew my mind so I thought about going. However the tickets were a little much, it was at a venue I’ve never been to before, and the set-list wasn’t very familiar to me and so I decided not to go.

My moms partner at the time had decided to treat my Mom to see Melissa (I took them to the first concert) but my Mom didn’t want to go, her partner got one ticket anyways and was going to go by herself and have a good time.

A week or so before the show she also opted out and asked if I wanted the ticket, because I enjoyed myself so much the last time I felt why not?

I bought the ticket from her for $75 and went by myself. The parking was weird, the venue was like a tiny hidden Blossom but neat, when I found where I was going I grabbed a beer and hit my seat.

Shortly before the concert started I get a text from my moms friend who was now at the concert because she changed her mind last minute. That annoyed me slightly because I only went to the show for the sole because she wasn’t going and I did her a favor by buying the ticket.


I was already there, the money was spent so I was going to enjoy myself but little did I know the night would get worse… (cue unnecessary dramatic music)

I was the 4th row back center from what I can remember so that was awesome, I sipped on (guzzled) my beverage and waited for the show to start.

When it did start I realized it was just Melissa with one of those foot pedal machines that recorded then played back, sounds, voices, and music so even though she was just solo it sounded like she had a band behind her.

It was pretty impressive and she was awesome like always but like I had mentioned I didn’t know many of the songs and the ones I did know she tweaked a little bit so I had a hard time even singing along.

To top it off these woman in front of me thought it would be a good idea to stand on their chairs blocking my WHOLE view of the concert. At this point my blood started to boil and I was trying to stay chill but then Melissa started playing a crowd favorite and everyone from the lawn rushed the stage and stayed there till the end of the show.


Let’s just say I wasn’t a happy camper, I literally just sat there with a frown on my face until it ended. Unfortunately I let a a bunch of stupid shit bother me and ruin my night.

With that being said I still wanted to see if I could meet her out back. The set-up was a little more difficult for a stalk because there was a gate in the way. It was myself and a cute couple that I made friends with, we waited until she came out. When she did, she waved at us through the fence got in the vehicle and left.

Please enjoy these pictures from the show!



The moment you’ve all been waiting for, my most recent/third time seeing Melissa Etheridge in concert for “The Rock Show” tour.

Pretty much the same deal as the first time, I saw she was coming and checked into all the information. I asked my mom who was totally on board, we started to plan.

The cheap tickets were in the wee back of the building and I figured that would be ok, however I noticed single seats a couple rows from the stage were only $75 instead of $200+. Lucky for me there was a seat 11 in row D and a seat 12 in row E, so I snagged those up. Nom-Nom!

We arrived at the Hard Rock Rocksino on July 1st, made our way front and center of the stage. The seats were awesome and I let my mom sit in front of me, I could have moved up with her because there were two to three seats that stayed empty but I get weird and didn’t want to risk someone showing up late so I stayed put.


Melissa would talk briefly in between playing, she is pretty funny and very emotional as she explains a story behind a song. At one point she hit a wrong chord on the guitar and her reaction to it was hilarious!

Melissa never disappointed! She had a band behind her but like before only played a handful of songs I knew, however I didn’t care and made sure I enjoyed myself. Funny thing though I had a gentleman sitting in front of me so my view was limited at times AND like the second concert the lesbians rushed the stage again but this time I didn’t let it bother me.

Both mom and I enjoyed ourselves, mom said she hadn’t danced like that in awhile, it was nice to see mom happy and having a good time.

Enjoy a minute or two of some moments during the concert below.


My lovely view.

Mom and I after the concert!

The pictures are not the best, my apologizes a head of time. I brought my camera but it was acting up and then when I got it to work the memory card was full and the battery died so I resulted back to using my phone.

Check this out and see if you can spot myself or my mother as Missa does her famous #Melfie video –

Side note: When I go to a show I like to get some pictures and a little bit of video so I can share my experience with you guys but there was literally dozens of people who had their phone on the WHOLE time taking video, it’s annoying and rude. Especially when everyone ran up to the stage the amount of cameras that were in Melissa’s face, like inches from it was ridiculous. So don’t be that person. ok!


The show was over and she flung some guitar picks into the audience, one came flying by my mom to the left but landed short. It was dark and I assumed someone got it so I didn’t pay much attention until the lady next to me dove like a crazy woman over the chairs and grabbed the pick that was on the floor at my moms feet!

Mom was bummed because it was literally right there and I felt bad because I didn’t really try to look but that’s ok because what came next was better than any pick! (Though a pick would have been sweet)


We exited the auditorium and met my husband who was gambling his little heart out. After a few minuets I was starting to get anxiety, I had to run out back to see if I could meet her again and this time try and get a picture.

However from before I remembered she didn’t take pictures because she showered so there was a good chance this would be the same way.

Mom and I made it out back and there was about four or five people waiting at the barricade, shortly after that a small group had formed but nothing dramatic.

We didn’t wait long when her manager or security came by and gave us some guidelines to follow.

  1. She will sign one thing, have it ready.
  2. She has her own marker.
  3. She will not take pictures because she just showered, put your cameras away.
  4. Get in a single file line against the building.

Boom and just like that we all did what he said (almost everything he said – wink) as she came out and walked to one end at this point I turned on my phone and secretly recorded.

Check out the video below of Melissa being fantastic.

If you listened closely you can hear me ask her to sign my stub to Lauren then you can hear here say in that raspy voice “Lauren”, (Giggles) it was awesome. She then moved on and signed my mom’s ticket stub as well.

I apologize for the darkness and rapid back and forth of the camera as I didn’t want the gentleman to yell at me for being a rule breaker.

I felt the little hush-hush video was ok since it was dark and not really on her face, I just wanted to record the moment of how genuinely nice a person she is and of course I needed SOME material for the blog to come back and share with you.

I can’t stress enough of how great a person and performer Melissa is, if you enjoy a good jam session please attend her next concert. Research some of her music ahead of time and be prepared for a great evening.

I’d like to Thank Melissa for taking the time to come out and meet your fans after the show, just taking a few minutes to do that really made mine and I’m sure everyone else’ night! Keep doing what you do!

BIG thanks to the Hard Rock and for all three and a half people that read this blog!

If you’d like to connect on another level hit me up on one of these as well.