Al Pawlowski Takes Selfie With Fan at The Indians Game

I got to meet host of Indians Live, Al Pawlowski during an Indians game on Saturday night.

Yesterdays Cleveland Indians game started about two hours late after a rain delay… without any rain.

During that time I tweeted at the two Sports Time Ohio “Tribe Live” guys asking for a selfie since I had some time to spare. I was lucky enough to have reached one of them.

The 4:10 P.M. game finally started at 6:55 P.M. after a quick storm rolled in, unfortunately the Indians players never got the memo.

Since we were sitting in section 111, left of the Sports Time Ohio stage I was able to keep a creeper eye to see when the guys would arrive. However around the 7th inning I just got up and walked over there since there was nothing to watch on the field anymore.

A little after 9:00 P.M. the guys walked up from Heritage Park, I played it cool and let them proceed and get situated.

After a minute or two I called out to Al Pawlowski just to let him know I was there but no rush. Immediately he recognized me and came right on over.

Al was super cool, we chatted for a bit until he walked away.

Jensen Lewis had walked over to the stairs and was busy on his phone, I reached out to him to see if I could get a two for one deal. He looked up and said to give him a minute, after a while, I walked back to my seat as seemed to be preoccupied.

The Indians lost 2-6 to the Tampa Bay Rays on Saturday and didn’t do any better today when they went down 3-6.