Once Upon a Time…I stalked a celebrity and made a blog about it.

Lets begin by saying thank YOU for stopping by and sharing in my obsessions.

I will update as much as I can, especially since I have many years of catching everyone up on my journeys but I am super busy with super awesome life things. However that is no excuse and I should force myself to entertain you and hopefully get my name out there..

The idea behind my blog is to educate the world on my celebrity encounters, good and bad. Also I am somewhat obsessed and figured what a fun way to express all this goodness with everyone.

I am excited to soon share my stories, experiences and pictures with you of the past, present, and of course many future hangouts with my favorite peoples.


Please hang on and enjoy the ride,

p.s. I will be setting up an option to donate bail money just in case, always good to have a backup plan.