Two for One: Tracy Morgan and Ardie Fuqua

My friend Shari (Cheryl, from Cheryl’s Block ) and I both were on a mission to meet Tracy Morgan. We were successful.

We did not see the show, the plan was to get there about 9pm and wait for him to stumble out the stage door. We were not 100% sure which exit he would pop out of so we walked the building a few times but ended up back in our original spot. There was a lot of unnecessary parked cars that night do to a party that was held in a building right next door, this made it hard for us to plan Tracy’s possibly getaway car and escape rout.

We ran into some people that went to the show so we knew he would be out soon but I read somewhere that he was also doing a meet and greet and we figured it was afterwards since he had yet to show.

Meanwhile an older lady joined us in our Tracy Morgan pursuit, adding to the total of 3 white women waiting in a dark ally.

An employee of The Play House Square handed each one of us random flowers and assured us Tracy was still upstairs.

I checked my Twitter feed and saw that Ardie was posting some pictures, I contacted him and he informed us they were on their way down.

Ardie Faqua was Tracy’s opening act and has been on tour with him.

Within 30 seconds Tracy, Ardie, and his crew of security came strolling out of the dark. Tracy was singing the same few words over, and over, and over again to some song I never heard of before all while hanging on the shoulder of one of the security guards. I started waving my hands in the air and doing my best black person sway back and fourth, trying to fit in and look cool. It worked and they all started to wave their hands with me. I wish I had this recorded but unfortunately I didn’t have enough money to pay someone to follow me around and get the good stuff. Plus I didn’t want to get held up filming in case he took off running,  I needed to get my autograph and picture with Tracy and so I stayed focused all while remaining thug.

Tracy was super sweet, he autographed two (2) of my Billboard Music Award books (Which I had received earlier that month when I attended the awards in Vegas, he was the host) and took a picture with me.

Don’t let the shirt fool you, he didn’t smell anything like a big mac but he was sweaty as a pair of balls.

Tracy Morgan

Tracy had moved on to an older lady that wanted another picture of him and I motioned for Ardie to get his ass over and take a picture with me too, he grabbed the camera and took it himself.


We were almost done when my friend Shari asked Tracy to give a shout out to her Facebook page, Cherly’s Block and without hesitation he did.

We had a great night, Tracy and Ardie were super nice, patient, and totally cool.

As they were walking away I was able to shoot some footage, I got Tracy singing again and walking to his car.


The End!



Robert Herjavec – What’s a Shark Tank?

May of  this year my husband Patrick Dodge and myself went on a vacation to Vegas, we purchased tickets to the Billboard Music Awards. Here is my story.

We LOVE Vegas and try to get there once a year but it was about 3 years since the last time we went, which was when we got married back in August 2009. When I heard the Music Awards were in town during our stay I went into action and devised a plan to meet as many celebrities as I possible could. I failed miserably. We ended up getting tickets to the show instead which was worth it but it kept me away from doing any real before or after stalking.

The show ended and we found ourselves stuck in a major human traffic jam, I had to get outside but there was no way. Finally we slipped through a side exit door that led us right down to the parking garage where all the celebrities had previously arrived for the red carpet. There were some stranglers and very little security at the door, all the major stars had hightailed it out of there and I was left in defeat. I stood there watching, waiting to see if anyone would pop out but no luck. Not until some lady pointed out a flashy, good looking dude in a leather coat. Being the celebrity whore that I am I proceeded to bud into her conversation and find out who this man was. She seemed annoyed with me and my black stare but proceeded to answer my questions anyways. She couldn’t remember his name but said he was on Shark Tank and that he is very wealthy. I had no idea what the hell Shark Tank was but I was not going to let this man leave without getting a picture with me. I watched him walk back and fourth for awhile, most of the time on his phone and looking around. He would stop and talk to a pretty lady or a nice looking black man ( Which I think turned out to be Daymond John, also from Shark Tank but by the time I thought him to be someone he was gone..DAMN) and then head back inside, he did this a few times. During all this some homeless man wanted to buy my program from me for like $3.00, I told him to scram or give me $50… Continuing on. Pat had somehow slipped by and was now on the other side of the wall, smiling and waving at me. I thought what I little shit, so I did the same. I took a deep breath, approached the man and asked to get a picture with him. He agreed very nicely, but then moved to quick before the camera was finished flashing 12 times and the picture came out blurry. We ended up taking 2 more until a limo driver came over and took it for us.

Before I made any dramatic Facebook posts I Googled Shark Tank and made sure this man was a somebody, the photos matched up… I was good to go.

Robert Herjavec was the mysterious man in the leather coat that took 3 pictures with me, he was super nice. I would have pushed me down after the first failed attempt but he didn’t.


Take 1                                                     Take 2

Phone pictures 2013 1906 Phone pictures 2013 1907  SharkTankTake 3



Even though I didn’t get to meet a giant flock of stars like I wanted to, the night wasn’t a total bust after all.


SMILE BITCH! An encounter with Toby Ketih

I have the worst memory and since this was over 10 years ago I only remember the important details.

My Mom got on this country music kick and decided one day to take us kids to the Dollar Bank Jamboree back in 2001. There was music, food, and I’m sure a whole lot of other fun and exciting things.

Fast forward to the end of the night, Toby Keith and his band were signing autographs, no pictures allowed… Yeah right.

We waited patiently for our turn, slowly moving down the line of yellow caution tape separating us from them. I don’t know if they thought that was going to stop me and of course it didn’t. It was almost my turn, I told my friend when I say “GO” take the picture, and I figured I only had a small window of opportunity before I was tackled to the ground by some hired homeless security guards.

Suddenly there was a chill in the air as a dark shadow covered my body, glancing down at me and blocking the moon was Toby Keith himself. It was time to make my move, I handed him my program and jumped the tape. I stood next to him and forcefully told him to smile, he did.


TobyToby 1

The rest of the band signed and I got pictures with I think the drummer and …. Some other guy.


Toby2 toby3

Everyone was very nice, they took the time to sign and take pictures.

From what I remember we had fun and I was able to put another notch in my belt.

Your locks / My face – Getting personal with Whoopi Goldberg

“Oh Whoopi Goldberg, you weren’t getting past me without a picture.”  I said to myself, revealing a devilish grin.

It was about 7:30pm on the night of June 29th, 2001. My Mom had dropped me off at the entrance of Playhouse Square in Cleveland, I quickly made my way inside and headed to the Ohio Theater.

Oddly enough my parents let me go alone, my first comedy show and in downtown Cleveland. Nevertheless I was excited and couldn’t wait to see where my seats were, so I proceeded to the nearest old lady usher.

“Oh wow” She said “Follow me” and.. did… I… ever. I walked behind her all the way down to the front row and off to the left, for $65.00 I made it to Row A seat 1, Thanks Dad!

Whoopi came out shortly after and made an announcement, sitting in the front row middle was Muhammad Ali. He went right up to the stage and they shared a hug, it was a nice surprise.


Now back to Whoopi.

From what I could remember her show was great, half her jokes went over my head. I think I just laughed out of nervousness and tried to blend in, I mean I WAS a sheltered 17 year old with a boy haircut and the complexion of Powder. :-/

When the show ended I creeped around back and found her tour bus along with a nice handful of eager wannabes.

She pretty much told everyone to chill and quickly made her way through the crowd, I had a decision to make.

Do I get an autograph or do I go for the more personal touch and get a BFF photo together.

I figured a photograph would be awesome as balls but her bodyguards were being dicks so I snuck around to the door of her bus. I figured she would have to get through my dead body first if she wanted to leave.

Whoopi approached me and at that moment I stepped in front of the door and asked for a picture. She seemed annoyed, but figured she didn’t want to upset her only white fan and agreed.

However, do you remember me saying how her bodyguards were being dicks? Yeah. No one would take the picture of us, so like a gem Whoppi took the camera out of my hand, shoved our heads together and took the picture herself.

I thanked her and she was gone.

I was in heaven and if you don’t know what heaven is then you’ve never had Whoopi Goldberg’s dreadlocks cascade down your face.

We shared a moment I will never forget.


Once Upon a Time…I stalked a celebrity and made a blog about it.

Lets begin by saying thank YOU for stopping by and sharing in my obsessions.

I will update as much as I can, especially since I have many years of catching everyone up on my journeys but I am super busy with super awesome life things. However that is no excuse and I should force myself to entertain you and hopefully get my name out there..

The idea behind my blog is to educate the world on my celebrity encounters, good and bad. Also I am somewhat obsessed and figured what a fun way to express all this goodness with everyone.

I am excited to soon share my stories, experiences and pictures with you of the past, present, and of course many future hangouts with my favorite peoples.


Please hang on and enjoy the ride,

p.s. I will be setting up an option to donate bail money just in case, always good to have a backup plan.