Danity Kane (DK)


May was pretty slow but JUNE is jam-packed, we have a lot lined up and hopefully we can snag as many victims as possible.

But first here is Shari’s Danity Kane story.

I had just come back from the Dominican Republic and was unable to hang with Shari but she did fine without me.


“Alright my beautiful blockers- time to tell the story of Danity Kane! So, Nick and I went to House of Blues around noon, after a Starbucks run, of course! We were the only two people back there waiting, and when we arrived, we saw there were no buses. Herego, the girls weren’t there yet. We started to get hungry and decided to make a quick trip to CVS so we could get a nutritious lunch of snapples and chips. We came back and saw no buses still so we knew we were in the clear. Then, as soon as I sat down, a bird shat on my pants. We had to wipe it off, Cleveland style, with chips. So now Nick and I are freaking because Nick described himself as looking “ratchet and hit,” and I had remnants of bird shat on my leg. So we continue to chill, and notice a white van roll up into the parking lot. I see a cute little girl with a whole lot of hair roll out of the van carrying her own luggage. I asked Nick if it was Aundrea and he wasn’t certain, and I got nervous and started fumbling, so we let her go into the back of HOB without any words of acknowledgement. This is when I started getting angry with myself for not having lady balls to say something. A few minutes later, she came back out with her BF, and I stood up-she looked like she was walking over by us so I waved and she waved back. I asked her for a pic and to sign my DK cover and she did (good thing I come prepared and had my own sharpie!), so her BF volunteered to take the pic, and Nick jumped in too. She was super nice, asked me what my name was, introduced herself, and told us the other girls would be there soon. So Nick and I know we can’t leave and continue to chill.Meanwhile, I see a van with a UHAUL circling around, but figured that it wouldn’t be them. Then the van came back and pulled by the stage door, so I asked Nick to watch who got out, so he did, but we only saw some guys so we assumed it was stage crew. I continued to watch, and then I saw a little blonde jump out, then another one, then Dawn. So I ran right over and screamed for Dawn because she was closest to me. She turned around and I asked for a pic, then I realized I left all my stuff by Nick so I start screaming “NIIIICKKK bring all of my stuff!!” Then Dawn gave me a hug! And told me the other girls ran in because they had a meet – n- greet. I felt bad and told her that Nick was hauling ass and said sorry for holding you up and she said “No, don’t rush, it’s okay!” She was so sweet! So I realized my security friend was working and asked him if it was better to wait or come back after the concert, he told me after, and he knows his shit so I left. Their concert was literally over at 930, and I am still upset that they did not perform BAD GIRL! TOTAL BETRAYAL! Anyhoo, afterwards, Aundrea definitely took pics with the crowd, but Dawn, Aubrey, and Shannon shafted everyone. A little upsetting but Dawn was a total sweetheart to me earlier! And there you have it! Til next time!”



Hope you enjoyed that story and that it keeps you full and wanting more until our next big event!

Sit tight and enjoy the ride.


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Christina Perri and Birdy – Head or Heart Tour

Christina Perri was a very much planned event, we went to the concert and performed the stalk afterwards.

Below is the story.

Calender was marked all we had to do was purchase the tickets and make traveling arrangements but we still had some time to fine tune everything, so we waited a smidge longer.

Lucky for us I found a great deal online, for $60 I got 2 tickets to any show at the HOB and $50 to spend on food/drink and merchandise.  We totally made out, ordered our tickets and confirmed plans for that night.

Shari volunteered to drive and so I met her at her place around 5:30 and then we headed downtown for a fun evening of dinner, drinks, music, and STALKING!

Parked the car and headed into the restaurant at the House of Blues, unfortunately it was a 30 minute wait without a resevation…something we didn’t have but there was a smaller bar/lounge area that had drinks and finger type foods we could go sit at. Shari and I made our way back to the front of the building and managed to snag a tall table with 2 chairs, we sat down and studied the menu.  A couple of beers later, a cheeseburger, some spinach and artichoke dip and we were on our way to the front of the line (if you spend $20 a person you get a pass to get into the concert before the outside people do).

We made our way to stage left, same spot we had for Hanson and Icona Pop but a lot closer and more center since we were earlier and the barricade was not up so the people went right up to the stage.

Seemed like forever until the show started, standing all day at work and then some more surrounded by sweaty people I was ready for bed and it was ony a little past 8pm. Finally the lights dimmed and the band came out, now we were getting somewhere. The opening act was Birdy, a 17 year old with a fantastic voice. I have never heard of her nor did I know anything she sang but I enjoyed it.



She had invited everyone out into the lobby for a small meet and greet after her last song. We had 2 others with us and we debated whether to go in groups so we could save our spot up by the stage but we all ended up going together.

We got out there, stood in line and got to meet Birdy.



After our little rendezvous the 4 of us hurried back inside but it had filled up 100% and there was hardly any room to move and when we got back to our spot there was no way we were going to be able to squeeze  between all the stanky people. So we ended up way right and up a level, it was rather annoying and hard to see. However we made the most of it and I was still able to get some good pictures and videos while trying to enjoy myself.

This first video is Christina performing A Thousand Years, enjoy!

The next video is Jar of Hearts, one of my favorites.

Now that I think about it I should have gotten her singing Human, but that’s ok.

Below are a few still shots I got!


Shari and I bounced before the last song to get in line out back and wait to meet her when she came out. We were the first ones out there and we walked to Euclid avenue and waited by the entrance of the driveway by the tour busses. A few minutes later a cute gay couple came over and joined us on our stalk, along with 4 others who eventually left due to the cold and  time.  So now it was just the 6 of us waiting out in the dark, I think it was about midnight and hyperthermia was setting in.  Shortly after that 2 ebayers popped over but then left and right after them 3 more showed up but these gals never left.  It was an older lady and 2 younger girls, I believe one was her daughter and the other a friend.  I overheard that they traveled from… I think New York to see Christina and were pretty obsessed with her. They had paid for the meet and greet earlier so already got to meet her get pictures and autographs too, not sure why they came back at 1am to stand in the cold but they did.

Shortly after that 2 figures started to walk towards us, I figured it was the moment we’ve all been waiting for and so I started to record.

Christina walked out with a good-looking gentleman and right away we were told to get into a line, and everyone followed directions but then the light went out but right before it did one picture was taken.

The picture below is one of my favorites, it was taken right before it went dark and we headed to the building. It’s of Jaime and Christina, a great picture by the way but what makes this picture awesome is the fact that I am in the background with an accidental photobomb.


I was actually recording the video above as the picture was being taken.



The video pretty much explains what went down but here is a brief description.

That’s how it was all night, there was one bright light and every few minutes it would shut off and then turn back on. So instead of waiting for it to come back on, we all headed back to the ramp that lead inside the House of Blues little dock area and began taking pictures. At one point the girls were so excited they were like almost running me over, until the one girl said to her friend (You can hear it in the camera as we walk) to back off since I had yet to meet her. I was thinking, calm yourself…we just waited like 2 1/2 3 hours in some cold ass weather fighting off homeless people and you’re going to show up 15 minutes before she comes out and after already MEETING her and crash my parade.. uhuh!

So the girls stood in the background as we all took our turns with Christina and once we left they pounced, I later found out that they got their picture posted by Christin on Instagram as her “favorite penguins” of the night and of course got another picture with her.

Anyways, jumping back a step. I recorded up until it was my turn to get my picture with Christina, I walked up and held my arms out for a hug.. got the hug and then smiled for the camera. (I really need to have someone record my interactions with these people, be nice to make an appearance in my own blog)


She was super cute, very patient and friendly, after the picture I asked for a quick sig, aka signature. She was looking for a marker but I had brought one with me ( always be prepared ) it was red and matched the ticket, she commented on how she liked red or something. When she was done signing she blew on the ticket to help it dry…adorable and then like a minute later I asked if she could put “to Lauren”, I mumbled how I was being annoying and she disagreed…once again blowing to dry the marker.


Then Christina mentioned something about a group photo, and the 4 of us got together. Someone had mentioned a “Selfie” picture but she said it was too cold and a group photo would be better. The guy took 2 different pictures of us, I am only posting the 1 because I look horrible in the second one.


And like the loner I am I get pushed to the front and used as a stepping stool.. but… I’m over it.

It was close to 2am by the time we got out of there and I got back home to my warm bed.  Before I called it a night I took a peek at myself in the mirror and almost shit myself. My eyeliner was smeared all over my face, it was probably there all night and I am sure very noticeable but… I am also over that… I think.

All in all I had a great night and accomplished what I went there for, I got to hang out with my friends and meet new ones.

MUCHO thanks to the House of Blues staff/security and especially Birdy and Christina Perri, for without them this awesome blog wouldn’t exist.


AND THANKS to all of you!!

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Boyz II Men – Wanya Morris

Shari and I decided last minuet to stalk some Boyz and thus made arrangements only a few days in advance.

Originally they were on the calendar but nothing was set in stone, especially since Shari had already met 2 out of the 3 and our schedules were tight. However she doesn’t like to leave unfinished business go for too long and I have a real hard time turning down a stalk.

I talked to my husband who agreed to drive, drop us off at the HOB and then he would wait for Shari and I at the Casino.

The two of us walked down the alley, it was about 5pm and we found out the Boyz were still at the hotel. So we took a little stroll to the Ritz to check some thing outs, we didn’t see a bus and figured we had a better shot to catch them as they rolled in. We were early and knew we had a few hours to spare since the show started at 8:30, so we took a little trip through Tower City, got a bite to eat and then headed back to our stake out spot in the parking lot.

The temperature dropped pretty quickly and where we were standing was like a wind vortex which made it seem like it was 30 degrees colder. Shari and I stood out there all by ourselves pretty much dancing and trying to sing all The Boyz II Men songs we could think of as we waiting for their arrival. Finally about 8:00pm a dark SUV pulled by us and up into the dock area (which was now going to make it harder for us to get to them) but we approached them anyways.

Check out the video below.

((Warning: Video may cause dizziness and vomiting))

So. What happened here was as soon as I realized the Boyz were in the car I began to record and slowly walk towards the vehicle but not to quickly as to cause any alarm… You know how dangerous 2 white woman can be.

The security was totally in my way as I was tried to see where the other 2 guys were at but during everything they slipped out the right side and disappeared into the building (shady).

Wanya however was not lucky enough because as soon as he turned around we were in his face, Shari asked for a picture and he was very happy to. At this moment she handed me her camera at the same time I was recording so I wrapped my camera string around my wrist and dropped the camera as it was still recording and it just swung back and forth.. which is where you get the dizzy effect.

Next is my turn and I hand my camera to Shari, which is still recording and I’m all like ahhh it’s still recording and she’s like.. ahhh what do I do? So I was like just let it go figuring I would get a couple of still shots from it but she started hitting the button to take the picture. Good thing it switched right over and in a few seconds she took the picture, we thanked Wanya and then departed… making our way back to the casino.


(I have to do something about that elbow, seems to be my trademark lately. Does it make me look sexy?)

We didn’t go to the show but I have a feeling it would have been a good one, I will make more of an attempt to attend the concert the next time they come around. My friend said they played all the hits. PLUS Shari still has yet to get her 3rd boy and of course now I need the other two.

It ended up being a good night and a successful mission.

After all that Shari and I met up with Pat at the casino and as we were sitting in the bar area some guy came up and handed us 4 free tickets to the Indians game. It was about an hour into it but we decided to take them and continue our evening. We walked over to the game and took our seats, which were awesome. They were right behind home plate and slightly to the right about 10 rows up. Weather was perfect, a smidge chilly since we were not dressed to attend a game but it was bearable. The Tribe showed promise but fell in the 10th to the BLue Jays. We headed back to the casino where I played a few slots and made about $50 off a twenty, we cashed out and headed home ahead and happy.


Many thanks to the House Of Blues and Boyz II Men for letting us hang out and chill!

AND thank you to everyone who visits the blog, shares, likes and comments. Please don’t stop the love.

Stalk ya later!!

Diana DeGarmo & Ace Young

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat came to Ohio on March 4th -16th, 2014 at Cleveland’s Playhouse Square, the two main performers were Diana DeGarmo as the narrator and Ace Young as Joseph.

Both from American idol,  Diana came onto the scene in the 3rd season and Ace popped in on the 5th season. The two  became engaged on May 23rd, 2012 after Ace surprised Diana with a ring on the American Idol season 11 finale.

Below is how I met the two, enjoy!

I like to perform in plays but have never really been a huge fan of going to watch them so I had decided to skip out on this one. Shari had bought tickets to a Sunday night performance for her and a friend, she was going to meet the cast afterwards. However her date for the show did NOT want to stick around afterwards so Shari called in the recruits.. me. Sunday night was bad for me especially with work early the next morning so I was up in the air about it. If I could get Pat to come with then it would have been easier to go but we still had a few days to think about it and I told her I would get back to her. Then plans changed again, Shari decided to go up Saturday and try to meet Diana and Ace and once again invited me to go along. It’s really hard for me to turn down a good stalk but Pat and I had plans and didn’t know where we would be at that time, we would play it by ear. Saturday came and went and I totally forgot about the possible plans until I saw Shari’s Facebook photo’s of her and the two. She went up Saturday night all by herself and stood in the cold dark streets of Cleveland waiting for the show to end. When they came out, she was able to get pictures and autograph’s. They even walked her to her car, the sweet people they are.

Now I am all like … “man, I wish I would have went” so I pouted for a minute until Shari informed me they were here for a whole nother week and that she would love to meet them again. So we made plans to head out to Cleveland Thursday night and do a quick snag.

The funny thing is after Sundays show, Shari and her friend accidentally ran into Ace and Diana walking to Starbucks afterwards and got a few mores pictures and autographs.

Now fast forward to Thursday.

I worked till about 4 and then met Shari for dinner around 7 at Fridays, we had a nice time catching up. Shortly after 8 we packed up and headed downtown, found a nice spot to park and then hit the Playhouse. We were early and decided to take a walk to Starbucks, it was dark inside and the sign read closed. Very odd for it to be closed that early, especially in Cleveland when there were things going on. So we walked back and decided to wait it out, luckily for us the crowd had started to exit. We found the stage door and slipped inside and off of the sidewalk to try to block some of the wind from slowly killing us. It was literally freezing and I had my tennis shoes on with that breath type material, all of my toes went numb and to the point where it hurt to stand on them. I started jogging in place but that only seemed to warm my upper body up and was doing nothing for my feet. during all of this a mother and her daughter came by and actually walked past us and down into the building, they were kicked out and joined us in the frozen wastelands along with another couple.

Shortly after that the two former Idol contestants came out, there was not much wait time between the show ending and their exit.

Right off the bat they started to talk, shake hands, hug, and greet the 6 of us that were out there. I, like the creeper I am stood off to the side and began recording.

Below is the video of Ace and Diana walking out and then their interaction with everyone, it is two separate videos merged into one.

This video is a great way to show how two celebrities act, happy and unselfish as the camera secretly records.

I love how the camera gets close to them, you can see Ace talking to me after I dropped my pictures on the ground how Diana called me a lovely lady and asked to borrow my sharpie again. Diana after meeting Shari for the 3rd time remembers her name and how to spell it, priceless! These are things that make standing out on the cold streets of Cleveland all worthwhile and we love every minute of it.

Notice right in the beginning how Ace stops and lets Diana walk a head of him, what a gentleman. They both head their separate ways talking to everyone and then make their way to the street and eventually back to the hotel.

A couple of things I like to point out which is something I am good at doing…pointing things out, if it seems like I am acting salty it’s because I am. I want this blog to be a success and by that I have to put forth a lot of effort and time to get it to come together, that also means to take pictures and videos as things are going down. My problem with this whole situation is that when I am recording, I usually get left behind and by that I don’t get to fully interact with the celebrities. In this instance I stand-off to the side and record, casually smiling and throwing out 1 liners here and there without revealing the fact that I am recording. This also means you will rarely see me on camera and you are constantly hearing my horrible voice all loud and slutty coming out of the speakers. It’s a tough job and someone has to do it, right? RIGHT!

The security was being very nice about it but she was also being very pushy, she kept telling me if I wanted a picture I would have to jump into one with a complete stranger to make things go by quicker ( you might even be able to hear it on the video). I agreed but took my time getting there, I don’t want to upset anyone but I am also not going to have a bunch of randoms in my picture with me either. During all of this I did manage to get my playbill signed, thanks to Shari and all while still recording.



Finally it seemed like it was my turn to get a picture, pretty much now or never so I jumped in with Shari (at least I knew her) but of course I am off to the side and look like a chach (I am never happy) and then.. get this. I think this is what sets me off, so in the beginning the younger girl gets like 2 pictures with the couple and then at the end her mother was like can I get one too and the nice people that they are allow another fan to get a picture EVEN with the pushy security. So, I have come to the realization that it is ME, I am the problem here. All I had to do was ask “hey can I get one?” but no, I was worried about making them mad or holding them up and therefore am the only one without a solo picture. I don’t think the two would have had a problem as they were very kind and patient and the best part is, the security wasn’t even walking them back to their hotel she just wanted them out of the Playhouse area. So you mean to tell me we could have walked 3 more feet out onto the street and I could have had a little bit more time and not felt rushed about getting a picture with them? Probably, another lesson learned. However I did get a picture and I did get to meet them, get an autograph and some nice video so all in all it was more than a success. I just want everything to be perfect and in life  that is hard to come by, so from here on out I am going to try to be more forward and less of the wallflower. 🙂

Thanks to The Playhouse square and to the great couple Diana and Ace for hanging out in the cold with a bunch of crazy fans!

And to all of YOU, please keep reading, sharing and commenting. Let me know if you have any ideas or thoughts, I would love to hear them.




Chelsea Handler

So today’s entry will be about my Mothers somewhat encounter with the funny Chelsea Handler on March 6th, 2014.

About 2  years ago for my mom’s birthday my sister and I got her tickets to see Miss. Handler at the Quicken Loans Area. We had a good time, I was glad we went. I found out she was coming back again and thus we decided to get Mom tickets and make a night out of it once more. However my sister couldn’t get off of work and so Mom and I went without her but of course she was greatly missed.   😉

So the week of the show Mom found out that Chelsea was having a book signing at The Blue Rock Cafe in Hudson, Ohio and she planned on going. It was from 2-4 which was a good hour away from where I worked so I was unable to go, there was NO way I would make it in time. I figured I could try to scoop her up before the show and make up for not meeting her earlier in the day.

I had done some research and found out you had to almost pre-order her new book “Uganda Be Kidding Me” to secure yourself an official spot and actually be able to get the book signed by her. I had given Mom all the proper information and she made the call, paid $27.00 over the phone and was locked in.

Mom drove down there, she actually made a video of herself talking and explaining to our audience where she was going and what she was about to do, you know to help out with my blog.. but I’m not sure if she will give me the video to post. 🙂

She had arrived and it was pretty busy, music was playing and people were eating and drinking all around her. They gave people numbers and then called them when it was ready to get in line to get the book signed, mom recorded a little bit of others getting Chelsea’s autograph and snagged a picture as she waited.

(The video below is a video of a video so the quality is not the best)

IMG_20140306_141504 (1)

Crappy thing though, security was super serious about taking pictures and videos of Chelsea past a designated point and just like me, my mom gets nervous in certain situations. So while she was next in line she took out her kindle to take a picture but the security guy kept standing in her way, blocking her view and at one point someone behind her gently gave her a shove which put her over the line just when she was going to try and take a good picture… she got yelled at. 🙁


Not to mention she couldn’t get the camera on the kindle to work and the more she tried the more nervous she got and didn’t get many photos and video. Plus you couldn’t get an actual picture with her (Which I thought was lame) and mom was told she could only get the one book signed and it had to be her new one. So mom had her 2 others books, tucked them under her armpit and like a sad little girl made her way to the table. When she got there Chelsea was like “Gimme those” and signed all 3 of mom’s book, which she had made out to my mother, my sister, and one for me.

image   image

Now that was super cool of her, props to Chelsea Handler for making my mom’s day.

After that mom sprinted out back to where the getaway vehicles were waiting patiently for Chelsea to make her great escape, there were 3 fancy black cars. Mom was sure she was in one of them but didn’t know which one, she saw her friend the security guard and figured she was close by. Mom started recording to try to catch something but all she got was a few people walking back and forth, the ground, and then the cars pulling away.

(The video below is a video of a video so the quality is not the best)

Mother was super bummed she didn’t get as many pictures or videos like she wanted BUT she did a great job anyways and I told her stalking takes time and practice.

later that night….

I picked mom up and we headed downtown to get a bite to eat, we invited Chelsea via Twitter to see if she wanted to join us but it must have gotten lost since she never showed. Dinner was very nice, parking was super sweet since I had the luxury of getting suits, I guess that also means you park in the close cool important people spots too.

At this point the suite was a surprise for my mom which I had to tell her about when she started to panic telling me I couldn’t park here and that we could get in trouble. When she found out her EYES lite up, she was overjoyed and couldn’t wait to get inside. Upon our arrival into the arena we found out that Chelsea was also signing books there too afterwards, which was awesome but mom already drove super far and paid for a book and got autographs. Mom wanted to buy me a book so I could get to meet her this time around but I declined..after much thought, I had the book signed in my name but what I really wanted was a picture with her and that was off-limits. Mom wanted to try anyways, so she told the man she already bought a book and could she just get a wristband to wait in line. The answer was no, you had to buy a book and this time around the price was $30. Mom was actually going to buy me one and I almost let her but I advised against it. Slowly we made out way to the suite and prepared for an awesome show.

The comedian that opened for Chelsea, Josh Wolf was really funny and actually made a lot of good points regarding balls and real life romantic moments. Below is a picture, not my best plus I didn’t really take too many, I was to caught up in the show.

C.Handler 007

I wish I would have recorded his joke regarding Cleveland and our 24 hour season change, it was spot on.

Moving on…

Miss Chelsea Handler popped right on stage and not shortly after that had the whole place laughing.

Below is a video I took, it’s about 7 minutes long and it is the opening joke in which she mentions Cleveland and the Cavs in it. To respect whoever wishes and not to break any laws, that was the only recording I took, so please enjoy!

I posted this video on YouTube about 2 weeks ago and it’s already at over 1,000 views, 11 thumbs up and 2 down. That doesn’t seem like a lot but for me this is really exciting, thank you to whomever has watched it already.

Now, moving on.

The show was great, I thought she did a fantastic job. You LOVE her or you HATE her, she has a very dry in your face sarcastic, one on one, story telling type of humor that I find priceless. She goes with the flow and tell’s ya how it is and speaks the truth..even about herself.

During her show she would show pictures to the audience, ya know so we could follow along better. I have a few of those but I am not sure if I should post them, I might try to get her permission through Twitter.

Anywho. Below are a few pictures I did take during her performance.

C.Handler 012C.Handler 013C.Handler 020

The young guy in this last picture was an audience member who was apparently drunk and wandering around, probably back and forth to the bathroom. She called him on stage and they had a few minutes of chatter with each other, it was entertaining and then she booted him back to his seat.

When the show ended mother and I made our way to where the book signing was going down, there were people everywhere. It was held outside in the lobby, there was a table and they had ropes so people could get in line right before it. Books and wristbands were still being sold and once again I was torn with the thought of buying one, just so I could meet her. I was trying to think of ways to record her interacting with me or how I could get a picture with her but I was coming up blank. I was also nervous because there was security and cops every 5 feet and then they started getting pushy and in people’s faces when they wouldn’t move back into a certain spot. Mom and I wanted to wait it out so we could catch a glimpse of her but it started getting ridicules. They would not let anyone stand across from the table or to the side and then altogether they made an announcement that if you were not getting an autograph you had to leave the building. I just decided to leave, I wasn’t going to wait around and the line was very long. It was a Thursday work night and I had a feeling that line would be at least a good hour or so long and I wasn’t about to wait. So before we got clubbed by some angry cop we left, got lost on the way home even with a GPS (our Cleveland tradition) but made it out safely and to our beds.

That night I had a dream, this shows you how much I obsess over these things. The dream was about me thinking of different ways that I could have met Chelsea the night before and to my surprise it would have worked, well I’m pretty sure  it would have.

Ok! I would have bought a book, got a wristband and stood in line but I would have made sure I was at the very end. Let people go in front of me without bringing too much attention to myself, thus staying as close to the end as possible. Then when it would be my turn to get the book signed I would ask for a picture and me being like the only one left in line she would have to, it’s the rule.

THAT or somewhat the same idea, I would try to be the last person but if not pretty damn close. I would set my phone to record and when she was done signing I would turn around, get low and do a selfie. She would be bullied into smiling or at least fool her into looking at the phone and since it was set to record I wouldn’t have to wait for it to focus or take the picture. I could then take a still shot of a good frame and viola my picture with Chelsea Handler PLUS I’d have some video too.

I think those would have been 2 good options and I could have even pulled the second one off anywhere in line, I’d just have to be quick and stealthy since I’d probably be thrown out or bashed in the head.

However since none of this happened and my chance is long gone, I can try to use this technique on future unsuspecting victims.

So folks, this is the end to my half a Chelsea Handler experience. I hope you’ve all enjoyed my story and will pass it on to many others in your travels.

Many thanks to Chelsea for coming to Cleveland, see ya the next time you come to town.

Also a super big thank you to all of YOU for reading my blog and helping me make it happen.


REMEMBER – Like, Comment, and SHARE! Stalk ya later.



A Great Big World

A Great Big World!

This story begins one cold January night, OK actually I don’t remember when any of this really happened but I shall tell the tale anyways.

A few weeks ago we found out A Great Big World was coming to The House of Blues on Monday, February 3rd. We planned to buy some tickets, go to the show and stalk before OR after. Well we waited too long and just our luck ..the tickets were sold out, balls! That was fine because our plan was still to snag these two men one way or another, we just didn’t know for sure how we were going to go about it.

We then heard that the group was hitting up two radio stations before arriving at HOB, we pondered the idea of maybe showing up there and skipping the concert. We both worked so everything depended on when we could get off and how quick we could get from point A to point B.

Shari entered to win an in studio pass at 96.5 Kiss FM and we found out Saturday night she won. Now you think this would be easier, and yes it would be BUT now if we wanted to go we would have to make arrangements with our work. I was able to take a half a day and last-minute Shari was able to swing it too with her employer, piece of cake.

The funny thing is, is that the radio station called her the night before and left a message on her home answering machine. However her parents failed to let her know so when she went to call them back and confirm she got no answer, this made us nervous. She called and left a few messages and even contacted them two different ways on Twitter. We went back and forth about it all Sunday night, during the Super Bowl and decided to just go up there. If they gave our seats away we would just creep outside and snag the boys as they walk in OR out but I had a feeling there would not be a problem and there wasn’t.

So Shari and I worked a few hours and when work ended we raced down to Clear Channel where 96.5 Kiss FM lived. We walked up and got right in, no problems at all. They shuffled us into a room filled with a handful of 12 year olds and 2 women in their 40’s who dressed like they were in their 20’s. We waited for a while due to technical difficulties at Q104’s headquarters but they finally showed up, did their sound check and then shuffled us into another room. Like our last in studio experience with Karmin, the two of us got to sit right in the front where all the action is. A few short minutes later  Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino  walked in, they immediately made interaction with the small group and then jumped right into one of their songs “Rock Star”

I apologize in advance, the video is a bit shaky at first but mellows out. Also, my phones memory was maxed out and cut off recording towards the end, like a weirdo I was at the pet store the day before taking numerous videos of 2 ferrets playing together.

Check out the video below.

Next up was “Say Something” the most anticipated song of the year, or close to it.. performed by Ian. He goes into a little bit about the song and then begins the music on his keyboard. Enjoy the video below!

After that was all said and done they guys were asked a series of questions from some of the ladies in studio, I couldn’t think of anything fun or witty to say so I stayed quiet. Below is the Q & A session.

They put on a very intense, in the moment heartfelt performance. I am very glad we got to go and share the experience with them, they deserve what lies ahead of them.

The guys exited the room and got ready for the photo shoot outside, we followed behind everyone and got in line. We got our pictures taken and received a personalized autographed picture of the two.

IMG_0168       IMG_0167


While I was getting my picture taken Shari asked the guys for a shutout which pretty much was them waving and screaming “hi” into the camera. Super cute!

We had a good time, can’t wait for them to roll through Cleveland again!!
Much thanks to 96.5 Kiss FM and to A Great Big World!
AND thank you to all my fans!!
Stalk ya later.


3 Doors Down – All Access Pass

My EPIC night with 3 Doors Down!

I don’t consider myself lucky, you’ll never see me hit a big jackpot or win a large amount on a scratch off ticket but on February 14th, 2014 I started to think differently. It’s not always about winning money or trips but taking a few steps back and looking at what you have and what you’ve been apart of.

For me I am married to a wonderful man who has a wonderful family, I myself have been blessed with a great family as well. We have a good thing going, we work hard and go on vacations, enjoying life to the best of our ability. It’s not the big things but the hundreds of tiny things that make us rich in life and that’s how I’d like to start this post.

Never in a millions years would I have thought that I would be chilling backstage with a popular music group, eating, drinking, and being merry.

My mom texted my brother, sister, uncle, and myself asking if we ever heard of the band 3 Doors Down. I had responded with yes and asked what was up, she then began to explain to me why her sudden interest.


My mom attends church and has met many nice people, one of them happens to be cousins with Chris Henderson from 3 Doors Down. This lady has been following the band around since the late 90’s and I was lucky to have been asked to tag along on this trip, well.. my mom was and she dragged me with her.

I wanted to go so bad but it was Valentines Day and I wasn’t going to leave my husband high and dry on the most romantic night of the year. I had told him the story and he said it was ok for me to go, that he understood how much I love to do this stuff and that it would be a great entry for my blog. I got a hold of my mother right away and we made plans to leave right after work the next day and be in Pittsburgh by 6:00pm.

Friday morning comes around and I am super stoked because I find out not only are we getting tickets to the show but we get to meet and greet the band as well, an ALL ACCESS PASS kinda day. It was a little after 3 and I hightailed it out of work and headed to my mom’s house where we would get picked up by Donna (Chris’s cousin) and then drive down together. We left shortly after 4, making good time and not running into any scary traffic or weather. The ladies had packed sandwiches, fruit, and snacks for us to munch on during the 2 hour ride to Pennsylvania.

We arrived shortly after 6, missing the actual meet and greet but that was fine. We pulled into the parking garage entrance and asked the gentleman running the gate where the buses were parked, Donna showed him her pass and we were on our way. We had to pull back out and search for the street where the buses were resting but after a few turns we spotted them and maneuvered the vehicle between them and a handful of naked trees.

We grabbed a few of our belongings and trudged trough the snow towards the backstage entrance, running into some of the band mates on the way. Donna said hello to them and I stood there gawking like.. I think I know you. One of the guys ended up being Brad Henderson, the lead singer but it was dark and I was unsure so I walked on by and made my way inside. Donna showed her pass to security and we were pointed up some stairs, which we climbed and then walked down a hall and into a room.


Standing in the doorway I could see Chris (who at the time I didn’t quite know was him) sitting on a couch. We headed in and were introduced to Chris and his mother who was hiding behind the door. Donna started catching up and my mom and I just stood there, she had taken her coat off and started to get comfortable but I was still in awe and remained still in my winter attire.

I was just listening to the conversation when Chris’ mom in her sweet southern accent asked if I wanted to get my Cd’s signed.  I was rather embarrassed, of course I wanted them signed but I had JUST walked in the door so the last thing I wanted to do was intrude. I shyly said yes but insisted it could wait, at this time Chris got up and said it was fine and that he should do it now. He asked if that was all I had for him to sign, I thought 2 Cd’s was pushing it but I guess not. He grabbed my stuff and disappeared outside to scrounge up the band and have them sign my stuff. He came back shortly later with 2 signed Cd’s and then continued to chill on the couch but not before we had a photo shoot.


Wait for it…Yes, I know..my hair. I had just had it cut the day before and it was super fresh not to mention it spent 8 hours in a hairnet at work so when I exposed it that’s what I got BUT my mom looks awesome. Also please notice, or don’t.. my torpedo boobs, for whatever reason I can’t seem to take a normal picture.

Moving on…

After this was done the ladies went out for a smoke in the freezing snow storm, I decided to stay behind. They disappeared for a while and in the meantime it was just Chris and I sitting across from each other in awkward silence, well he was playing a game on his Ipad, I was the one being awkward. He broke the silence by asking where I was from and we talked about that for a bit before it got quite again. During this time I was going over in my head how to ask him to give a shout out to the website and the more I thought about it the more nervous I got. My mouth dried up and I started to pant loudly, finally I told myself “Lauren, you want this blog to be successful then you need to grow some balls and ask this man for a shout out” and so I did. CHECK out the video below.

After that was all said and done I slithered over to the couch where he was and watched him play a game called “The Room” which is a serious type of puzzle game that I know I would basically stare at the screen and drool but he was pretty sweet at it. I watched him for at least 10 minutes until the ladies came back, Chris’s mom walked into the room and the others grabbed some food and left to eat it.

Did I forget to mention that the hallway was lined with tables that had tons of food and drinks on it? I didn’t, well.. it did.

2.15.14 074

After a few minutes I left Chris and his mom and I went into the other room where my mother and Donna were sitting at a table enjoying some food. As I got in there I realized Brad Arnold, the lead singer was in there too. He just got done eating, was cleaning up and getting ready to leave. I motioned for my mom that I was going to ask him for a picture, I wanted to make sure she was ready. As he walked by I asked and he was more than happy too.


I look slightly better in this picture but not much and of course Brad is a cutie which helps take away from my frohawk.

It was almost show time and while the guys were getting ready to go on, I had a little bite to eat since all I had was a couple of car ride snacks. Then Donna came in and delivered our tickets, we finished up and headed down to the theater.

2.15.14 076

We took our seats and only waited maybe 10 minutes before the boys came out and played for us. Brad talked about how their “Songs from the basement” acoustic tour was pretty much a laid back band practice kind of show. The stage was set up like a basement and around them were couches and in those couches were people and one of those people were Chris’s mom, it was really cool how they did that.

The guys were awesome, laid back, and a lot of fun. The sound was amazing and Brad’s voice was fantastic. I was able to snag a few pictures and some video clips of the night in between security running around and yelling at people with cameras.  Check it out below and enjoy!!

2.15.14 0792.15.14 0802.15.14 0822.15.14 0942.15.14 1012.15.14 1102.15.14 1202.15.14 116

The show ended and what a great show it was, I could have watched them all night but unfortunately we had to head back to Cleveland.  However our night doesn’t end here, we headed back up after the show because Chris had a few more family members that were stopping by. We had to wait a few minutes and give the band time to get off stage and situated before we ran back up stairs, plus the women had to smoke again.

So while they were outside I stood on the stairs catching my death every time the door would open up. As I was waiting for everyone to come back inside Justin and Brad came from above, they too were going out into the cold. Check out the video I have of the boys walking by me.

I’m such a creeper Mc.Creeperson.

Finally the ladies were done and we could head back upstairs, while everyone was catching up, mom and I hung out in the hallway scouting for more band members. We found Brad and I was going to ask him for a shout out too but he also had company so I didn’t want to interrupt. I saw he went downstairs and decided I’d catch him on the way back up, he never did HOWEVER Justin Biltonen walked by so we jumped him instead.

He was kind enough to take a picture with me and then mom spoke up “Lauren, didn’t you want to ask him a question?” she totally caught me off guard but he was all like “Yeah, shoot” and I was all like (blank stare) but I was able to get out a few words explaining to him about my blog and if he would hook it up. Mom then asked how the band got their name “3 Doors Down”  he explains it all, Check out the video below!!

imageYes I know, another great picture. :-/

Donna wrapped it up with her family but not before I could get another autograph from Chris, I wanted my ticket stub signed and he was totally down with that. We all bundled up and headed down and out but not before I could snag an autograph from Justin to match the one from Chris on my ticket stub.

) 001

So all pictures were taken, all autographs were signed and now it was time to go. We stepped out into the snow and said out goodbyes, as we sat in the car a few of the band members, Justin was one for sure was outside the bus throwing snowballs at each other.  It was cute and If it wasn’t cold and dark I would have had footage of that too.

Everyone was very nice, special thanks to 3 Doors Down and everyone behind the scenes.

I had a GREAT time and an awesome experience! I want to thank Donna for letting us tag a long and for Chris who welcomed us into his dressing room and personal space. Definitely something I will never forget and hopefully I can be apart of many more opportunities like this in the near future.

Thank you to all my followers, please SHARE, LIKE, and COMMENT!

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STALK ya later!!


Jon Reep

Jon Reep:

I don’t know why I’ve never been to an actual comedy club before, I went once and now I am hooked, let me tell you why.
1) Who doesn’t love to laugh? I know it’s one of MY favorite things to do, my laugh is contagious, loud, and very unique. I share my mom’s laugh and actually once we laughed in the same sequence, took the same breaths, held it out for the same amount of time, it was awesome and slightly disturbing. I also LOVE to make people laugh and I am pretty good at it, although I find myself not so funny when trying to force something. I am more of a natural comedian, I do however think of funny things to say whenever that particular situation decides to happen…I’ll be ready.
2) It’s a great and easy way to snag some celebrity face time and usually at a reasonable rate. No waiting outside in the cold behind some bushes next to a dumpster begging for a picture, however who doesn’t like a challenge?
Of course this was my second time going to a show, my first was Tom Green as you all should remember. That one was a tiny project, a project in which I made for myself but it all worked out. Some celebrities actually sign/take pictures with after the show and wait outside but sometimes you get the ones that don’t or just go to the bar and you have to hound them but once again shit needs to get done and so you do it.
3) It’s a great excuse to get the man to come with me on my outings, he usually won’t turn down a night of dinner, comedy, and the possibility of some nookie. All he has to do is tag along and be ready to take the picture, he’s down for anything as long as it’s not taking longer than 5 minutes. 😉
I was doing my usual celebrity scouting to see who was coming when and where so I could start planning ahead for our next excursion when I saw that Jon Reep was coming to Hilarities.  My husband and I watched him win Last Comic Standing in 2008 and found this down home boy absolutely hilarious. So you can understand my excitement, I confirmed this with Pat and bought our tickets.
Tickets were cheaper than Tom Green AND we had better seats, ended up being the first in line and got sat right up at the stage. I always opt for the pick up tickets so that I can have them sign it, smart huh?
Prior to all of this I started to follow Jon on twitter and randomly began bothering him through tweets and such. He had re-tweeted one thing and then actually responded back to another, once again.. my excitement!!
So that night rolls around and we get our seats, closest to the stage and now I’m a bit nervous.
The two comedians that came on before were black and funny, double threat.
Jon came on directly after and right away had people laughing, obviously.
It was a good time for sure, be was absolutely hilarious and very entertaining.
We kept making eye contact but I think it was just me being overactive, I mean I was 36 inches away from him..kind of hard not to. He even at one point asked Pat what he was drinking “Pepsi” was his response, I don’t quite remember what the joke was about but he gave Pat a high-five. Super cool, eh?
The show ended and Jon advised everyone that he would be out front selling his DVD and taking pictures, that’s exactly what I wanted to hear. So I followed the crowd into the lobby and waited my turn patiently.
The one comedian was selling shirts, Not Made in China or something like that and Pat bought one. I wanted to get a picture with him but I got nervous to ask plus he was being a Chatty Cathy.
The line started moving forward and Jon was only a few peeps away from me, usually at this point I start recording on the DL but it never crossed my mind to. I’ve realized that I have gotten worse at this stalking job the longer I go on. Anywho. I finally approached him and he says. “Hey, I know you. Well I don’t really know you.” Or something along those lines, I go to shake his hand and he goes to give me a hug so I take back the shake and go in for the squeeze. I’m a huger anyways but I didn’t want to come off to strong, lucky for me he was a huger to. This is where I start to fade away and forget what is going on around me, this is where recording would have come in handy. I get my picture taken with him, with my new camera my Dad and Diane got me for Christmas. He then starts talking to me and says how he checked out my stalking page, which was super cool of him and he might have said more. I then asked if he would sign my ticket stub in which he obliged, I’m sure we said a few more words but I can’t remember. I know I thanked him again, Pat said his good byes and then we left.
                                                                                                                                                                            We will defiantly see him the next time he comes to Cleveland.
I would love to have stayed and had a drink with him or talked more, he seemed very down to earth and humble. I know he would have given the blog a shout out and I wish I had asked him but sometimes I don’t want to overstep my boundaries. I guess that’s what you have to do if you want to go places and make a name for yourself.
SO, Jon. Here I am asking you now, many weeks later for a shout out. Hoping if and when you see this and actually read it to the end that you wouldn’t mind helping me out. Just a short clip a few seconds long, you can send it to me a dozen different ways just let me know. Hope to hear from you soon.
Ok folks, stay tuned for our next big adventure which is .. I have no clue. (sad face)
Thanks again, STALK ya later.

Marc Sumerak

I stumbled upon Marc Sumerak  at The Great Lakes Mall on black Friday outside the Comic and Friends store.

I slowly walked by and scouted out the place, I asked Pat who he was and he had no idea but he had a table set up with books and people were getting autographs.

Well, you know me.. I can’t pass up a possibly opportunity no matter how big or small. So I circled around and asked him a few questions, he informed me that he is a writer and editor for Marvel Comics. I thought this was pretty cool so I took a deep breath and asked if I could get a picture with him and of course he agreed, who wouldn’t?



I then informed him how I have a blog and would love to interview him and he agreed once again.

NOW, this was my FIRST interview and I was NOT prepared but that is pretty normal with me if you’ve been following along. So I randomly made up a few questions and began filming, it’s short and sweet but I am proud of it.

Of course I never did buy a book for $5.00 and have him sign it, I feel bad about that. I don’t think he’ll hold a grudge if anything he’ll thank me for helping get his career off the ground. (Winky face)

Please give it up for our local Cleveland Celebrity, everyone deserves some love.



Shari and I are traveling to Pittsburgh to STALK Justin Timberlake this Friday, wish us luck.


Thank you again!!



This is the Tom Green show!

Well hello there everyone, once again I am super sorry for the delay. I was having a hard time logging in but I finally figured it out, which was NOT that hard after all… It was just remembering my password.

So, not much has happened since STALKtober and I apologize. It’s kind of a bummer but I have been busy with work plus the temperature is like below freezing these days.

However I did manager to snag two for the month of November, one I will share with you right now.

So, while doing some research for our next victim I decided to check out Pickwick and Frolic, which is a comedy club downtown. There were a few but Tom Green caught my eye, so I bought two tickets. I have never been there and thought it would be a nice date night for my husband and I to go to. Shari has seen/meet Mr.Green already so she opted out on this trip but did inform me that the comedians sign 99.9% of the time afterwards. I figured this would be an easy grab and a way to get Pat suckered into the festivities.

We went down early and ate at Hilarities but were not all that impressed with the food, the dining experience was fun since we don’t get out much but the food was on the fancy side and we’re are pretty simple people. When that was all said and done we paid our bill and got in line, we wanted good seats in our section. The seats were not that bad, we were the middle and slightly off to stage right.

Patrick Coppolino was the opening act and he was hilarious, he was dry for the first few minutes and made me nervous but once he started describing his hemorrhoids in detail I was sold.

Tom Green came out soon after and had the crowd going! I actually hate to say it but I laughed harder with the first guy than I did with Tom but they were both I FELT two different types of comedians. Tom is more stare and scream at you where the other guy was more jokes… Or something. IDK. Anyways. We enjoyed ourselves.

Security was pretty serious so I couldn’t do my normal get some video and share with the World, I tried to be all sly but all I got was audio and blackness. That I won’t bore you with and to be honest I haven’t even listened to it.

So after the show I waited to hear the directions from the voice above, which I was told will come on directing people to leave or to meet Tom Green. I didn’t hear that so I went into panic mode like I always do in these situations. I asked one guy and he told me to hit the bar, most times the comedians will end the night with a few drinks. Pat came back and said someone told him that Tom had left already, which I knew was bullshit because I just saw him when the exit door to the theater opened and he was standing there staring at me.

We headed out into the hallway by the bathroom, there were a few other people standing around so I figured he would come by this way, especially if he was heading to the bar. I took this moment to use the bathroom and of course when I came out Pat was like you missed him, good thing for me he was just heading outside for something and ended up coming back inside through the door he exited in. I put my phone in record mode, as you all know I like to record the moments as they are happening. He was coming closer to me so I asked for a quick picture (this I have on video, maybe I will upload later), he agreed. At this time I asked Pat to use his phone, he was unprepared and was confused as to why I would need his phone when I had my phone but little did he know that I was recording. Anyways. I handed him my phone but in my nervousness never switched it back over to camera, so poor Pat is trying to take a picture and all it’s doing it recording me standing there looking like a turd.

Take a look below at how it all went down.

Tom Green as you can see was pretty cool, I informed him that it was recording the whole time and he let us try again for a picture. After the second time of  it appearing not to work he just walked away from me, now I start to panic… again. He is now taking pictures with someone else and I slowly slide in next to him, almost ruining someone else’s picture. I was like.. “ONE MORE TIME TOM GREEN, IT WAS RECORDING” I yelled as he headed to the bar.  At this point I decided to call it quits and stop acting a fool. I took a peek at the video and was pleased and surprised that it came out well, I told Pat I could just take a few screen shots and it would all be ok.

However I am never happy with my end results and start thinking of how I could have played it cool and used that recording time to have him give a shout out or say something funny BUT NOOOO, I stroke out instead.

During my breakdown Patrick came out and I snagged a picture with him, I made a funny based off one of his jokes and got a laugh. He invited me along on tour as his wing man but I had to decline.


Continuing on – Now Tom Green is at the bar mingling AND by the way, there is a lot more better lighting in there so if I just went to the bar my picture/video could have looked a lot better BUT what if he never went to the bar then I would have missed him totally.. anyways, I can only afford two aneurysms in one night.

We were getting ready to leave and I hand’t gotten him to sign my ticket stub and of course I didn’t have a pen/marker with me so that was out of the question. I decided to cut my losses and head home.

Tom Green

I still have my stub and I plan to mail it to him, I doubt I will ever do that. Guess I”ll have to grab him the next time he comes around and this time I will be more prepared, which is a total lie.


Thank you again everyone!!