Lauren Dodge

Lauren Dodge

D.O.B – August 27th, 1983

Hometown – Collinwood, Ohio

Married to Patrick Dodge

Creator of



Lauren always wanted to be the center of attention and by 18 she hoped to be famous in some way, shape, or form.

A little over 10 years late Lauren has decided to try a new avenue of getting her name out there and this time around she seems to be more determined.

Her first celebrity encounter was when she was inside her mother’s womb bouncing around as her mom chased down former Browns player Dino Hall, giant belly and all for an autograph. That’s what pretty much started it and from there on forward Lauren began hunting them down.

At first it was just celebrities she enjoyed and really wanted to meet but then she met Shari, someone who shared the same interest as her and they teamed up.

Now they purposely look for the famous, devise a plan, lurk in the shadows, and pounce. Their goal is take this show on the road and make a name for themselves.

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