I have been more productive on the Facebook stalking page, I find it easier. However I do love my home here and it’s more creative (I feel) as far as adding pictures, videos, links, etc.

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There are stories to share and experiences we can both cry about together, I just haven’t had the time or energy to blog about them and for that I apologize.

Maybe I will just blog about random stuff daily for those in between stalker moments. Either way, thanks for still sticking around.. you know who you are ((echo…echo)).

Stalk at ya later!

Jay Leno = Let Down




Hello and welcome back!

 Tonights adventure with Shari Pollack, featuring our personal chauffeur Patrick Dodge. #JayLeno #CLE #PlayhouseSquare

Posted by GoneStalking.com on Sunday, April 26, 2015

Shari and I took off to ‪#‎Cleveland‬ Sunday night in hopes of seeing, meeting, and getting a couple of cute pictures with ‪#‎JayLeno‬ but to our disappointment we weren’t even close.
We arrived around 5:30 and joined 3 guys that were already there, they were ebayers. We talked to the one guy for a moment and he informed us Jay is super nice and will sign for everyone and sign everything/anything you have. This made us a little more excited because we weren’t sure how Mr. Leno was personally. Within the next hour or so our group had doubled, Shari and I being the only fans who were there for the joy of it and not the $$.
As we were waiting we noticed there was a lot of movement going in and out of the door. Playhouse had a lot of things going on and you could tell by the groups of men, woman, and children coming and going. Shortly after that Mr.Security Guard, Captain Hook came out and informed us that Jay Leno rolled up in a limo and walked through the main entrance doors up front and then he was going to hop into the same limo and leave right after his show.

Check out the video below.

Shari and I had a few things to think about and whether or not we wanted to believe Hook. In the past he has come out and completely lied to us to get the crowd to leave, saying they won’t come out and sign or they already left…things like that. He was very nice and Shari believed him from the start, I not so much. We bickered back and fourth, I was willing to wait till 7 but it was tricky. I was hoping he was wrong and that Jay was still in rout but it was hard to tell. After some clever investigative work, Shari found a photo on the Internet that showed Jay with his opening act inside the Playhouse.

Jay leno

Welp, that’s all we needed to know and thus we took off and made our way on foot to the casino.
Check out the video below as myself and Shari record ourselves talking about the nights festivities as we walk the streets of Cleveland.
Try to enjoy, it’s a bit random, off subject and some might find it annoying. Watch at your own risk, 🙂

We met my husband Patrick at the casino, had something to eat and then did a little gambling. I mentioned to Pat that we should head back to the Playhouse and try to catch Leno coming out but he wanted nothing to do with it…and I was only have serious.
At least we had a nice night out, a little upset our mission was a total failure. Usually when we don’t get the picture or autograph we at least get to see the celebrity, so this time around was kinda lame. We’re not even sure why he was dropped off in the front, if it was planed or a spur of the moment situation. Either way I didn’t get to meet Jay Leno and I was pissed.
When we got home another picture surfaced and this one was of Jay and 3 boys, this just made Shari and I even more salty. Never a break.


Thank you for your time and sorry we couldn’t report back with anything exciting.
Stay tuned for more.

Stalk ya later.

Once Upon a Time…I stalked a celebrity and made a blog about it.

Lets begin by saying thank YOU for stopping by and sharing in my obsessions.

I will update as much as I can, especially since I have many years of catching everyone up on my journeys but I am super busy with super awesome life things. However that is no excuse and I should force myself to entertain you and hopefully get my name out there..

The idea behind my blog is to educate the world on my celebrity encounters, good and bad. Also I am somewhat obsessed and figured what a fun way to express all this goodness with everyone.

I am excited to soon share my stories, experiences and pictures with you of the past, present, and of course many future hangouts with my favorite peoples.


Please hang on and enjoy the ride,

p.s. I will be setting up an option to donate bail money just in case, always good to have a backup plan.