Cheryl from the block


D.O.B. – June 14th, 1985

Hometown – Willowick, Ohio

Creator of Cheryl’s Block


Shari’s first encounter with celebrities occurred when she was 11 years old and met 98 degrees at the mall. From that point on, it was stalk at first sight. Through the stalking, Shari met several fantastic people who she became great friends with. One night, this group of friends gave her the nickname “Cheryl.” When times were tough, her friends reminded her that she was the “almighty Cheryl from the block” and could pull through. From there, Cheryl decided her friends were almighty, too. Therefore, she deemed her friends “Cheryl’s Block,” in order to give them strength when they were down as well.


Shari has traveled to places such as NYC and Pittsburgh to meet celebrities, but shockingly has met the most in Cleveland. She loves making people laugh, and it is her hope that one day her and Lauren will have their own TV show and share their adventures with the world.

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