Meeting Melissa Etheridge for the Third time.

This was my third time seeing Melissa Etheridge live in concert.

Here’s an update of my first two encounters with the rock star!

It’s a long read, take your dumps now.


The First time was phenomenal and was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to, click here to read the blog and view the pictures. Also I posted a video of some short shaky clips of the concert for your pleasure.


The second one wasn’t that great, don’t get me wrong she put on another fantastic show but a series of events lead me to be a moody pants.

So a quick recap. June 24th, 2016 at Cain Park in Cleveland Heights, Ohio Melissa had come back to perform. I had seen her two years before and she blew my mind so I thought about going. However the tickets were a little much, it was at a venue I’ve never been to before, and the set-list wasn’t very familiar to me and so I decided not to go.

My moms partner at the time had decided to treat my Mom to see Melissa (I took them to the first concert) but my Mom didn’t want to go, her partner got one ticket anyways and was going to go by herself and have a good time.

A week or so before the show she also opted out and asked if I wanted the ticket, because I enjoyed myself so much the last time I felt why not?

I bought the ticket from her for $75 and went by myself. The parking was weird, the venue was like a tiny hidden Blossom but neat, when I found where I was going I grabbed a beer and hit my seat.

Shortly before the concert started I get a text from my moms friend who was now at the concert because she changed her mind last minute. That annoyed me slightly because I only went to the show for the sole because she wasn’t going and I did her a favor by buying the ticket.


I was already there, the money was spent so I was going to enjoy myself but little did I know the night would get worse… (cue unnecessary dramatic music)

I was the 4th row back center from what I can remember so that was awesome, I sipped on (guzzled) my beverage and waited for the show to start.

When it did start I realized it was just Melissa with one of those foot pedal machines that recorded then played back, sounds, voices, and music so even though she was just solo it sounded like she had a band behind her.

It was pretty impressive and she was awesome like always but like I had mentioned I didn’t know many of the songs and the ones I did know she tweaked a little bit so I had a hard time even singing along.

To top it off these woman in front of me thought it would be a good idea to stand on their chairs blocking my WHOLE view of the concert. At this point my blood started to boil and I was trying to stay chill but then Melissa started playing a crowd favorite and everyone from the lawn rushed the stage and stayed there till the end of the show.


Let’s just say I wasn’t a happy camper, I literally just sat there with a frown on my face until it ended. Unfortunately I let a a bunch of stupid shit bother me and ruin my night.

With that being said I still wanted to see if I could meet her out back. The set-up was a little more difficult for a stalk because there was a gate in the way. It was myself and a cute couple that I made friends with, we waited until she came out. When she did, she waved at us through the fence got in the vehicle and left.

Please enjoy these pictures from the show!



The moment you’ve all been waiting for, my most recent/third time seeing Melissa Etheridge in concert for “The Rock Show” tour.

Pretty much the same deal as the first time, I saw she was coming and checked into all the information. I asked my mom who was totally on board, we started to plan.

The cheap tickets were in the wee back of the building and I figured that would be ok, however I noticed single seats a couple rows from the stage were only $75 instead of $200+. Lucky for me there was a seat 11 in row D and a seat 12 in row E, so I snagged those up. Nom-Nom!

We arrived at the Hard Rock Rocksino on July 1st, made our way front and center of the stage. The seats were awesome and I let my mom sit in front of me, I could have moved up with her because there were two to three seats that stayed empty but I get weird and didn’t want to risk someone showing up late so I stayed put.


Melissa would talk briefly in between playing, she is pretty funny and very emotional as she explains a story behind a song. At one point she hit a wrong chord on the guitar and her reaction to it was hilarious!

Melissa never disappointed! She had a band behind her but like before only played a handful of songs I knew, however I didn’t care and made sure I enjoyed myself. Funny thing though I had a gentleman sitting in front of me so my view was limited at times AND like the second concert the lesbians rushed the stage again but this time I didn’t let it bother me.

Both mom and I enjoyed ourselves, mom said she hadn’t danced like that in awhile, it was nice to see mom happy and having a good time.

Enjoy a minute or two of some moments during the concert below.


My lovely view.

Mom and I after the concert!

The pictures are not the best, my apologizes a head of time. I brought my camera but it was acting up and then when I got it to work the memory card was full and the battery died so I resulted back to using my phone.

Check this out and see if you can spot myself or my mother as Missa does her famous #Melfie video –

Side note: When I go to a show I like to get some pictures and a little bit of video so I can share my experience with you guys but there was literally dozens of people who had their phone on the WHOLE time taking video, it’s annoying and rude. Especially when everyone ran up to the stage the amount of cameras that were in Melissa’s face, like inches from it was ridiculous. So don’t be that person. ok!


The show was over and she flung some guitar picks into the audience, one came flying by my mom to the left but landed short. It was dark and I assumed someone got it so I didn’t pay much attention until the lady next to me dove like a crazy woman over the chairs and grabbed the pick that was on the floor at my moms feet!

Mom was bummed because it was literally right there and I felt bad because I didn’t really try to look but that’s ok because what came next was better than any pick! (Though a pick would have been sweet)


We exited the auditorium and met my husband who was gambling his little heart out. After a few minuets I was starting to get anxiety, I had to run out back to see if I could meet her again and this time try and get a picture.

However from before I remembered she didn’t take pictures because she showered so there was a good chance this would be the same way.

Mom and I made it out back and there was about four or five people waiting at the barricade, shortly after that a small group had formed but nothing dramatic.

We didn’t wait long when her manager or security came by and gave us some guidelines to follow.

  1. She will sign one thing, have it ready.
  2. She has her own marker.
  3. She will not take pictures because she just showered, put your cameras away.
  4. Get in a single file line against the building.

Boom and just like that we all did what he said (almost everything he said – wink) as she came out and walked to one end at this point I turned on my phone and secretly recorded.

Check out the video below of Melissa being fantastic.

If you listened closely you can hear me ask her to sign my stub to Lauren then you can hear here say in that raspy voice “Lauren”, (Giggles) it was awesome. She then moved on and signed my mom’s ticket stub as well.

I apologize for the darkness and rapid back and forth of the camera as I didn’t want the gentleman to yell at me for being a rule breaker.

I felt the little hush-hush video was ok since it was dark and not really on her face, I just wanted to record the moment of how genuinely nice a person she is and of course I needed SOME material for the blog to come back and share with you.

I can’t stress enough of how great a person and performer Melissa is, if you enjoy a good jam session please attend her next concert. Research some of her music ahead of time and be prepared for a great evening.

I’d like to Thank Melissa for taking the time to come out and meet your fans after the show, just taking a few minutes to do that really made mine and I’m sure everyone else’ night! Keep doing what you do!

BIG thanks to the Hard Rock and for all three and a half people that read this blog!

If you’d like to connect on another level hit me up on one of these as well.




How we met Brandy!


Sitting up in my room, or on the curb waiting for Brady.

July 19th, 2018 Brandy had a concert at the Hard Rock Rocksino in Northfield, Ohio.

A little bit about Brandy to wet your whistle

Brandy started her career back in 1993, she was the main character in the TV sitcom Moesha and then  had a successful duet with Monica, “The Boy Is Mine“, which was a big hit. From there she was a judge on Americas Got Talent, worked on Broadway and was a contestant on Dancing With the Stars among other fun things.

We be stalkin’

The Hard Rock can be a great place to meet celebrities but it can also be a total bust. We’ve learned that a lot of it has to do with the celebrities and  whether or not they want to deal with fans. For example, Steven Tyler wanted NOTHING to do with anyone to the point where people sitting on the bus bench on the other side of the building couldn’t even be there to Melissa Etheridge who had a small crowd asked that everyone stand in a single file line, so you never know.

We had arrived in the middle of her show, did a little gambling before the festivities started and then made our way back by where the buses and vehicles hang.

We could still here the music through the doors and knew we had time. The barricade was up and no one was around, not even security.

She only played for 45 minutes and shortly after the music ended a few concertgoers showed up, then a couple more and before we knew it the three of us were smashed up against the rail and the crowd was about three or four rows deep, not to mention wide.


With the group that had formed it was very important that rules were being followed and attitudes were in check, because this wasn’t our first rodeo we knew the routine and tried telling a few rouge fans to simmer down but when that didn’t work we just kept to ourselves and waited.

Security had now appeared making sure everyone was staying out of the street and under control as some ladies were spilling over into the street as well as one who was completely on the OTHER side of the barricade. It was getting loud and a few were trying to get security and band members to get an autograph from Brandy, but the cops were fun and laid back so that made everything nice.

At one point a gentleman who was with Brandy, not sure what his role was took two videos of the crowd sending their love, waving, screaming and having a good time. He then took it to and showed it to her who at this point had yet to come out.


There was a lot of action from the other side, people coming and going, luggage and food being packed into the get away car which was now backed up closer to the door and within a couple of minutes Brandy emerged from the building. Check out the video below of how things went down!


As you can see Brandy ran over to her fans as soon as she was situated and because she didn’t have time and wasn’t allowed to hang she opted to take a few selfies with the giant crowd behind her.

At the end and let me explain, there was a lady who handed Brandy a shoe and a banana with writing all over it. Initially she was going to have Brandy sign the shoe because she didn’t have anything else and the banana came later when the gentleman who took the video came back with fruit.

Why she gave them to Brandy is beyond me but the look on Brandys face was priceless and like a trooper she took them and disappeared into the night but not before waving bye one last time.

I knew with how big the mob of people were that our odds of getting a signature or even a selfie was out of the question but I never expected that Brandy would come out and take the time to even address us. It was awesome and really made our night.


It hasn’t been a week yet and I know Brandy has a life outside of this lil’ blog  but I’d LOVE to see those pictures she took because I am in at least two of them. It was super cool, I remember feeling her braids brush up against my face, who wouldn’t want those memories?

I was even hoping the video where all of us were cheering on Brandy would pop up somewhere too but so far nothing.

Brandy’s social media information is below. She posts regularly, more so on IG and if you were one of the fish in that selfie sea keep checking just in case it appears, maybe even drop her a line thanking her for that awesome moment!



Sending LOVE and THANKS to Brandy once again for being so sweet and kind, to her security and managers for keeping everyone in line.

BIG thank you to the staff and security at The Hard Rock for being super chill and fun and last but not least…

THANK YOU to everyone who’s stopped by to see what’s going on in this stalkers world. For the likes, the shares, and the comments! You’re awesome!

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Meeting Kevin Bacon in Cleveland.

Did you know that Kevin Bacon has a brother? Michael is his name and did you know they play in a band together? The Bacon Brothers – pretty fucking cool eh?

So you can understand my excitement when my stalker pals informed me that this duo would be performing at the Music Box Supper Club in Cleveland on July 11th, 2018.

Kevin has been in many movies such as Tremors, Footloose, A Few Good Men, and the hit TV drama The Following. He’s been around since the 1980’s and has done pretty well for himself, professionally and personally as he has a beautiful family.

Let’s Get Down To Stalkin’

I had a 7pm volleyball game in Mentor (that’s on the East side which is a good 30 minute drive to Cleveland) that night but the plan was to catch the guys as they excited their show,  so as long as we got down there about 8-8:30pm we’d be golden.

Unfortunatly we didn’t have tickets to see them perform but we we’re able to swing the stalk.

It was late enough that they had stopped charging for parking so we pulled on in and got a spot right next to the building and across from the stage door. As we assessed the situation we noticed a black bus that had a trailer  attached to the back, we assumed this was the travel vehicle.

There was only one other guy waiting for the brothers but he was on the other side standing by the bus door off to the right. We stayed in the grass but directly across from the stage door, which meant Bacon Bits would have to pass us first before he would have a chance to escape.

You can see the light between the two doors, every time I saw it go dark I’d assume someone was coming out and I’d start recording, eventually I got it right but you’ll have to keep reading to know the rest.

By this time the crowd of one was now 7-10 people and we assumed that they were the “Ebayers”, ebayers are people who have stacks of glossy 7″X 10″ photos of celebrities and then sell them for a profit after they’ve gotten them signed. But as long as they stayed where they were and didn’t rush when the brothers came out I didn’t care how many there were.


Cleveland selfie under the blue bridge by the Bacon Mobile to pass the time.

It was close to midnight when the door opened up and Kevin appeared, he was with a couple of guys and was more than willing to meet his fans.

I don’t remember seeing his brother Michael in the excitement but I would have liked to meet him as well.

Check out the video below.

Keven was super sweet! I was nervous the whole time leading up to that moment thinking he would just ignore us but he blew my expectations out of the water. As you can see in the video he took pictures, signed  autographs and was very patient with us as we talked and rambled on.


I waited till the end to get my picture with him because I was initially taking video and then I had to switch over to picture mode, plus I was all shaky and at one point Shari was like (and I wish I had it on video) “Are you going next?” And I said “No, I’m all shaky balls.” Who says that to Kevin Bacon??, pretty sure I got a chuckle out of him. When it was my turn and I was ready I warned him that my flash would melt his face off, he laughed and you can genuinely see that in his smile.

I thanked him and then shook his hand, he literally made my night.

As we drove off I saw that he had stopped and was also being kind to the group of ebayers, what a super human.

I’d like to thank Kevin for his kindness and time as well as The Music Box for hosting such a great event and letting us chill in their bushes.

ALSO a BIG thank you to the few that read and follow along with our adventures!

Stay tuned as I’ll be dropping two more successful stalks here in the next week!


Stalk ya later!

Catching up!

Hello stalkers in crime! Hope everyone has been doing well, I myself have been doing good…keeping busy of course which tends to pull me away from the blogging life.

A couple of things to look forward to:

1) Three fresh new blogs dropping this weekend.
2) A whole calendar of yummy stalks for the rest of the year.
3) shirts will be available some time in the near future.

Please check out the GoneStalking Facebook page to catch up on some old posts here!

Thank you for stopping by!! Stalk ya later!!

My time to SHINE – Sunshine Award.

Most of my life I’ve been called “Sunshine” by family, friends, and even strangers, I guess it’s because I am always smiling, great company and most times hilarious.

However I don’t find myself to be very inspiring or motivational, most times I’m a sarcastic turd so imagine my surprise when I was chosen for this award.

I want to thank  LkGoodFeelGood for seeing something in me that I didn’t. You can visit Carries blog here and follow her journey in life while she battles having a chronic disease and does it like a boss.


Rules for this award are as follows:

  1. Thank blogger(s) who nominated you for the award in this post with a link back to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
  3. Nominate 11 new bloggers for this award and give them 11 new questions.
  4. List the rules and display The Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and or on your blog.

Here comes the questions.

  1. If you could be any animal, which one, and why? – Haven’t really given it much thought, I guess a cat since they eat, sleep, and poop all day. Sounds pretty amazing especially if you toss in some belly rubs.
  2. What is your favorite part about blogging? – Keeping everyone out there in the loop of what’s going on in my world.
  3. Who inspires you? They can living or dead, fictional or real. – This is a tough one, not sure if I have anyone.
  4. What do you do to recharge yourself from the pressures of life? – I don’t. I am always on the go, work then bowling, work then volleyball, work then bowling again, work then volleyball again and in between all that there’s usually something else. Just gave up our second job so add in working doubles in all of that too but I would have to say just sitting on the couch and watching TV is a good way to relax from the world.
  5. If you could go anywhere, do anything, where would you go and what would you do? – California to kidnap Jack Nicholson and do dirty things to him.
  6. What is the hardest part of blogging, in your opinion? – Finding the time and motivation to do it.
  7. What’s your ultimate favorite food? – Pizza also a huge fan of chips and queso.
  8. What’s your best piece of advise for life? – Advice I don’t follow myself, haha. Have no fear in doing what you want to do, what you love to do, who you want to become.
  9. What’s your perfect Friday night? Depends on the Friday, what’s going on and what mood I’m in. Haha. I like spending time with friends and family and or just going home and going to bed snuggled in between 3 cats and my husband.
  10. How long have you been blogging? –  About 5 years I guess, wow seems longer than that.
  11. And finally, the age-old question… Coke or Pepsi? 😉 – I gave up pop drinking a long time ago with the occasional guzzle from my husbands glass. But before that and still to this day PEPSI!!

Now my turn to nominate 11 bloggers, I don’t even have that many friends but here we go.

  1. Kelly  @ This Way and That Way
  2. Joey @ Life Got Me Like
  3. Kristin @ Slivers of Nature
  4. Chewie @ 406 Northlane
  5. Paul @ Paul Mcginley’s Life and Experience 
  6. Brooklyn @ Just being Brooklyn 
  7. Laura @ Diary of a Zombie Mum
  8. Frenchy @ Frenchy from the Block
  9. Jason @ 196 Trip
  10. Jen @ Why CLE
  11. Jennifer @ Elegant Living Everyday

And here are a set of new questions that I have personally made up and would love for you to answer, some are serious most are ridicules. Enjoy!

  1. Would you rather, barefoot step on a lego or a fresh dog turd and why?
  2. When is the perfect time for you to blog/vlog?
  3. Who would be better in bed, Batman or The Joker and why?
  4. What did/do you want to be when you grew/grow up?
  5. What motivates you in life?
  6. Share one embarrassing moment.
  7. Share one accomplishment.
  8. Post a picture of your silliest face.
  9. What calms you down when you’re upset?
  10. What’s something you still have from your childhood?
  11. Do you like peas?


I just want to say thanks, I’m not quite sure what the “SunShine” award actually is but you guys have interacted with me and at some point made me smile so I think that’s enough.

Don’t think you have to respond or even participate as there’s a good chance you’ve already done something like this or don’t have the time, I completely understand. I think it’s been over a month or so for me and I’m FINALLY just posting mine.


Thanks again and keep being YOU!



Welcome To Collinwood


A little over 17 years ago a group of actors came to my neck of the woods and filmed a movie. Joe and Anthony Russo, two brothers who were raised in Cleveland and went to Case Western Reserve to begin their journey in the film industry. They got noticed by Steven Soderbergeh who wanted to produce their next film with the help of George Clooney, his producing partner.

I was born and raised in Collinwood, a neighborhood on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio. Not much went down but when it did the news spread quickly.

A friend I went to grade school with, her father worked for the city. I had the inside scoop on dates, times and locations for the filming of (cue dramatic music) Welcome To Collinwood.

One of the locations was filmed on Broadway and East 55th.

You can read about the movie and its actors here.

There’s not much I can remember because it was very long ago, long before my eyebrows were tame and I cared about my appearance.

I believe I went down two or three separate times, on one occasion I had my mom write me a note and I skipped out of school a half a day. Totally worth it. She was actually very involved and had a great time as she mingled with Anthony Russo.

Along with my mother came my good friend Brett, who I cropped out of the majority of the pictures for fear of infringing on his privacy. I don’t think he would care but that was a long time ago and we have both went our separate ways.


I’ll go into who I met and what memories I have of that interaction, don’t get excited it’s not much but the pictures alone speak a thousand words and in no particular order here they are.

Gabrielle Union and Andy Davoli


The picture above is Andy signing his name for me, the sheet of paper also has Gabrielle, Anthony, and Joe’s signature on it as well.

On one of the days we got to see them actually film, it was very neat and they did a raffle to have some of the neighborhood kids help with the lighting or something.  I took a few pictures and you can see how the camera is on a track and how everyone around is working hard.

What was neat about this scene was that it was actually on one of the streets only a few blocks down from where I was living at the time, right smack dab in the middle of the neighborhood. Click action shots to see some of the pictures.

Here I am with Anthony


Here I am with Joe and a shot of him signing my paper.

We had went down there one day and got the autographs on the yellow paper and on our next visit to the set I brought this news clipping and had them sign it as well.

Joe and Anthony were very nice, approachable and took the time to talk on both occasions, take pictures, sign autographs and act like total gentleman.

DAY #2

We went down the next day, still a bit chilly and with some added rain but it didn’t stop us from getting the job done.

This time around I looked a little more presentable with my Billabong shirt and matching blue sun glasses.

Keep scrolling to see what celebrities I met next.

As the actors walked back and forth from building to building and across the street I was able to grab a few. Below is Isaiah Washington, great guy making the time to stop IN THE RAIN, take a picture and sign the back of my school release slip. 😉


We snagged Isaiah later to make sure my friend Brett got an autograph too.

Next up… George Clooney! He seemed to be the more popular actor in town and always appeared to have a crowd around him.

I got my picture with George I think after the mob of people, it was more quiet and secluded as my friend and I just waited patiently for him to pass by.

It happened quickly and as we were sitting against the building he showed up and I didn’t have my glossy head shot of him to sign for my grandma handy. However I was camera ready and chose to get the picture instead, good choice.

Not sure if it was before or after the picture but I remember looking at his neck, pointing and possibly even touching him asked if those tattoos were real, he informed me they were not. ((Giggles))

Not pictured in this blog but I have some shitty shots of George shooting hoops during breaks in filming, he literally had a black tank and blue shorts on. Pretty sure it was chilly out there but when you’re as hot as George Clooney you don’t get cold.

Next up is one of my favorites, I couldn’t find the picture of him and it was driving me crazy as I thought maybe I didn’t meet him like I thought I did. After a little more digging I found what I was looking for, fest your eyes on William H. Macy!!

What was really cool was that my friend and I just hung out by the door, we gave him his space and just watched as he (what I’m assuming was) listened to his lines from a tape recorder. Check out the newspaper page below of William, you can see his signature going across his leg on the right.

And last but not least… Sam Rockwell who we grabbed at the end of the day.

Below is his autograph on a typical piece of notebook paper.

I did get a few shots of Michael Jeter but never an autograph or one together, sadly he passed away in 2003 of natural causes after living with HIV.


There you have it folks one of the most exciting, fulfilling, successful stalks I have ever done and one of the FIRST! It’s funny looking back how easy and calm it was, I hardly remember much security as I know there was some, but it was very lax. Now you can’t even get that close and the majority of the celebrities don’t have time to hang around and chit-chat.

I appreciated it then and even more now at the opportunity to have been a part of the action, even if it was for only a couple of days for a few hours.

I want to send a LATE thank you to the city of Cleveland, The Russo Brothers and all the actors, workers, and crew who came into our town and made it memorable.


If you had a good time reading this blog go ahead and follow me on Twitter or Instagram, I promise to be entertaining and hilarious.

Thank you for stopping by! STALK ON!

Stipe Miocic – History in the making.

Congratulations Stipe Miocic on your record breaking fight!

On Saturday, January 20th, 2018 Stipe Miocic, three time heavyweight champion defeated the hard hitting Francis Ngannou for the UFC 220 event in Boston.

ODDS: Ngannou – 180; Miocic +160

Winning that night gave Stipe his third consecutive win, something that hadn’t been done before. He’d been seen as the underdog but it seems that the UFC had their money on Francis as he appeared to be the “next big thing”.

That being said, MY money was on Stipe. Home boy from Euclid, Ohio. We were basically neighbors as I also grew up in the Cleveland/Euclid are.

Years later we would attend the same Highschool, EastLake North. He would graduate two years before me and become something great. Something the city of Eastlake and Cleveland could look up to and be proud of.

I don’t personally remember Stipe, but I am sure we  brushed shoulders (or my shoulder to his waist) on a few random occasions as we roamed the halls in between classes.

Which reminds me, I should pull out my old year books and look for him. Bet that would make a great keepsake with his signature.


5 years ago, back in August the Happy Moose on 306 had a nice little meet and greet with Stipe.

It was very casual and laid back, the anxiety that I had about it was very unnecessary.

They had Stipe and company set up outside on the back patio, it was a beautiful day for some dinner and a stalk.

Stalks that don’t require much stalking are my favorite.

He was very friendly, happy to meet new people and didn’t mind us interrupting his dinner.

This is a page taken right out of my GoneStalking scrapbook.

Thanks for stalkin’ by, please check out the link below to read the first and more detailed blog regarding my interaction with Stipe.

Stipe Miocic

I’d love some new friends, feel free to follow me at any of the links below.

Also, please feel free to share your Stipe stories with myself and everyone else.





It’s ALWAYS the season for ZOUP!

When you’re eating soup it’s usually under a blanket, snuggled in that favorite spot on the couch trying to stay warm.

Or maybe it’s sipping some chicken noodle, splashing hot broth on you cheek as you try to calm your stomach from that nasty flu bug.

Hardly ever would you see someone going to town on a bowl of soup on a 80° day next to the pool, that’s just crazy.


However, the world is changing and we need to change with it.


Soup isn’t just soup anymore it’s ZOUP, a sexy spin on that tasty winter comfort food.

It’s more than just water downed noodles floating in some salty water, it’s lunch, dinner, and a bedtime snack.

It’s a January through December take your family out to celebrate dads promotion adventure.

If you’re a picky eater like me you tend to stick to the same thing, or at least want a nice variety of choices.

Well, at ZOUP they have hundreds of soups to choose from with a daily rotation of 12 different kinds available.

Their soups are great quality, thick, tasty and always filling AND all soups are served with a fresh piece of bread.  Mmmmmm!

Not sure if you’re going to like a soup, I mean Tomato and Feta sounds delicious but are you willing to get a giant bowl without knowing for sure if it’s going to be that perfect soup for you!

No problem, ask for a sample, try all of them. They encourage that.

Zoup also has choices such as spicy, dairy-free, vegetarian, low-fat and made with gluten- free ingredients if you have a specific diet or taste.

Whether you like, love, or hate soup you still can’t go wrong with this restaurant chain.

Don’t like soup, try one of their freshly made salads, not a fan of eating like a rabbit, have one of their toasted sandwiches.

Want a little bit of everything, take advantage of their TRYTWO! combo and indulge your taste buds.



We had an early volleyball game one night and so there was no time for dinner beforehand.

After three intense games of bumping and spiking my stomach was literally writing it’s last will and testament. My husband had asked me what I wanted for dinner and like always, I couldn’t think of a place.

I wanted something fast and different but also delicious and tasty. Zoup kept popping in and out of my head, we hadn’t had it in awhile and it was definitely something I was craving.

There’s a Zoup near where we live and it was on the way home, so Zoup was where we went.   How convenient! 



Like always and like I remembered, you’re greeted with a warm welcome and a satisfying smell of fresh bread and hot ingredients.

I shuffled myself up to the glass and started reading all the soup choices, I knew what my backup was if I couldn’t find anything to my liking.

Chicken Pot Pie one of my favorites, and it’s ALWAYS in the rotation, add some pie crust to top it off and you’re in heaven.

However, I am also smitten with Tomato Basil and that was on the menu, if you didn’t know already, I am horrible at making timely choices.

After about 10 minutes of me pacing back and forth, moaning and drooling I finally made up my mind. The very patient workers behind the counter were more than happy to help and never tried to hurry me along.

I went with the chicken pop pie (shocker) and added on a chicken caesar salad. Also as an option I was able to upgrade my soup size to a bowl because like I said before…I was starving.

I took my meal home but the low lighting and nice selection of seating within the place is also recommended for an enjoyably dine-in experience.

Zoup has a lot to offer, they do catering, have kids menus, desserts, drinks and more. I highly recommend it.

Check out my local ZOUP and see how they post their daily menu on the website, this way you can plan ahead OR order online!


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You work two jobs, you MUST be a millionaire.

Yes I have a husband, yes we both work a full 40+ hours at one job, yes we work another 10-15 hours a week at another job… no we don’t have dollar bills leaking from our butts. We actually struggle just like most of society, but it’s our choice and our way of living.

Wait, here… let me back up a little.

We don’t have human kids together (love you Ricky) so we go on vacations, we play sports, we go out to eat and enjoy life. With that comes the cold hard truth of not having a healthy pile of money laying around.

Oh don’t get me wrong, we have a savings and a 401K but when it comes to having a constant flow of cash, well… for us that’s unrealistic.

Also without going into depressing detail, we have some debt. A credit card bill here or there, a loan that just won’t go away, a doctor bill from when you skinned you knee back in 2009.

We work two jobs to help get those bills down, to give us that extra cash to go see a movie, continue to play volleyball on Friday nights and not turn into couch potatoes (though that does sound really enticing right now).

We’ve been in some bad situations, managing money isn’t easy and I’m not gonna lie…you learn the hard way. We’re doing good, we’re almost where we want to be and then maybe we get rid of that second job or we keep it and do more of the things we love to do together.

Working two jobs is exhausting, I get crabby and hate it most days but it’s what WE personally have to do to survive at this moment.

To be honest, I’ve had two jobs most of my life and same with my husband. If you find a place you like and there are perks to working there, sometimes sticking it out isn’t bad.

I worked at a movie theater for years, free movies, I work at an outlet store now, 25% off everything, so in the end you are also saving money.

Good thing I have a RedBull handy most days to get me through both jobs.

8 hours sitting at a desk, certifying fixtures and writing up instructions

5 hours stickering product and stocking shelves 



I remember someone telling me once that we have it better because we are a couple, double income which means we can afford to do things they can’t because they are single. That’s not true, two people means twice as much toilet paper, twice as much water, twice as much pizza being eaten, twice as many car payments, twice as many movie tickets… and on and on and on. Good thing is, is if one of us lost a job or had to miss some time, we do have the others income to help keep us afloat.


Stop using the excuse that you are single as a crutch, I’m learning that we can be our biggest obstacle in life sometimes. And if you want to go on vacations do something about it, cut something out, or put some $$ aside but don’t blame others for why they are succeeding and you’re not.

I hear friends all the time complain they can’t afford this or they don’t have food in the house, no gas to get cigarettes and no money to buy them, yet won’t pick up a second job. I get it, it’s not for everyone but if you want to get out of a hole … sometimes you have to put forth more effort.

If you’re comfortable living pay check to pay check then continue on but for the Dodge household we’d like to put that in the past and work on our future. Remember, money is just money and you want to do things that make you happy. I laugh because I am probably one of the hardest people to get to buy things for myself, ask me when the last time was I bought a pair of underwear? I don’t know.

But, we’re getting off topic here. The reason for this post is try not to assume that just because someone has multiple jobs that they are living luxurious lifestyles. People could be trying to pay off school, putting money towards their cats cremation, Grandma needs a new TV, your crack addiction or whatever it may be,  but good chance it’s NOT for fun.

I’m not actually sure why I even started this post, it kinda snowballed into a rant. That’s embarrassing. I guess maybe because I am at that point where I’d like to have nights and weekends to myself and to focus more on my blogging, currently it’s a struggle.

For the moment we’ll continue to work 2 jobs until it no longer matters, until then .. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be ok.





Cutting your own hair – My Story.


I bring this post to you based on my own personal experiences… Cut thy hair at your own risk.

First let’s start off on cutting someone else’s hair. My husband is 50% bald and his hair is pretty thin. Before I came along he was going to a professional barber shop and paying money for them to use one razor size, move it around his head 10-12 times and collect his money.

We went out and bought a nice little razor kit, with adjustable clips and I have been cutting his hair..FOR FREE for the past 10 years.

It’s pretty easy but you should know there is a little bit of skill required. You want to make sure the hairline is straight, you get all the hair around the ears and that everything is even. It’s hard to mess up, but … you can and I have, like using the wrong size clip…oops!

This idea is great for kids too, especially in the summer time when you buzz the crap out of their head to stay cool.

It’s a great way to save time and money, especially when you are in a pinch.



Moving onto your own hair, in this demonstration we are talking about shorter hair styles.

I’ve had short hair for most of my life and I’m not your typical girly girl, I don’t go to the salon and pay millions of dollars for cuts and colors. I’ll spend $15 at your local Great Clips but my hair grows so fast and thick that I would need to go there a lot to maintain my cut.

Especially now that I went with the stylish shaved side, it would be really silly for me to pay money every week to keep that appearance up.  Plus my hair is short and purposely uneven that it’s hard to mess it up. If the sides start getting too long, I take some scissors and cut a little bit here and there. When my hair starts growing back, I take out the razor and shave it back down.

However, it can only work to a point because eventually the top gets longer, the back is out of control and those are the parts of the hair that you should probably have done by a professional.

Just recently I was having some issues with a a few pieces of hair that would not comb over, they would stick straight up and it was becoming very annoying.  So, I just took some scissors and cut the WHOLE thing off. I recommend not getting too carried away, it can happen to the best of us. One minuet you’re doing a little trimming and the next thing you know you have a sink full of hair.


I must have felt invincible that day and without any proper training continued to hack away at my thick locks. Pretty sure that was a bad idea, because that left me with a spot on my head that looked like fuzzy barbie doll hair.

Good thing for me, I seemed to be the only one that could tell. Haha


Remember, when you finally do get around to actually going somewhere to have it cut… you’ll have to explain to the person what happened.

I just recently went and the first thing I said was “oh, don’t mind that… It was out of control and I cut it off.” She definitely noticed (we shared a chuckle) and as I was walking out the door she told me to never cut my hair again, lol.

The ladies at Great Clips were awesome, we had a great time and laughed a lot. Mostly because I am hilarious but I give them props for having a sense of humor. When all was said and done I left feeling 20 pounds lighter and looked like a human being once again.

I say, If you’re creative and have a little bit of an idea of what you are doing when cutting your own hair, GO FOR IT! Just know when to stop and seek help.


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