How we met Brandy!


Sitting up in my room, or on the curb waiting for Brady.

July 19th, 2018 Brandy had a concert at the Hard Rock Rocksino in Northfield, Ohio.

A little bit about Brandy to wet your whistle

Brandy started her career back in 1993, she was the main character in the TV sitcom Moesha and then  had a successful duet with Monica, “The Boy Is Mine“, which was a big hit. From there she was a judge on Americas Got Talent, worked on Broadway and was a contestant on Dancing With the Stars among other fun things.

We be stalkin’

The Hard Rock can be a great place to meet celebrities but it can also be a total bust. We’ve learned that a lot of it has to do with the celebrities and  whether or not they want to deal with fans. For example, Steven Tyler wanted NOTHING to do with anyone to the point where people sitting on the bus bench on the other side of the building couldn’t even be there to Melissa Etheridge who had a small crowd asked that everyone stand in a single file line, so you never know.

We had arrived in the middle of her show, did a little gambling before the festivities started and then made our way back by where the buses and vehicles hang.

We could still here the music through the doors and knew we had time. The barricade was up and no one was around, not even security.

She only played for 45 minutes and shortly after the music ended a few concertgoers showed up, then a couple more and before we knew it the three of us were smashed up against the rail and the crowd was about three or four rows deep, not to mention wide.


With the group that had formed it was very important that rules were being followed and attitudes were in check, because this wasn’t our first rodeo we knew the routine and tried telling a few rouge fans to simmer down but when that didn’t work we just kept to ourselves and waited.

Security had now appeared making sure everyone was staying out of the street and under control as some ladies were spilling over into the street as well as one who was completely on the OTHER side of the barricade. It was getting loud and a few were trying to get security and band members to get an autograph from Brandy, but the cops were fun and laid back so that made everything nice.

At one point a gentleman who was with Brandy, not sure what his role was took two videos of the crowd sending their love, waving, screaming and having a good time. He then took it to and showed it to her who at this point had yet to come out.


There was a lot of action from the other side, people coming and going, luggage and food being packed into the get away car which was now backed up closer to the door and within a couple of minutes Brandy emerged from the building. Check out the video below of how things went down!


As you can see Brandy ran over to her fans as soon as she was situated and because she didn’t have time and wasn’t allowed to hang she opted to take a few selfies with the giant crowd behind her.

At the end and let me explain, there was a lady who handed Brandy a shoe and a banana with writing all over it. Initially she was going to have Brandy sign the shoe because she didn’t have anything else and the banana came later when the gentleman who took the video came back with fruit.

Why she gave them to Brandy is beyond me but the look on Brandys face was priceless and like a trooper she took them and disappeared into the night but not before waving bye one last time.

I knew with how big the mob of people were that our odds of getting a signature or even a selfie was out of the question but I never expected that Brandy would come out and take the time to even address us. It was awesome and really made our night.


It hasn’t been a week yet and I know Brandy has a life outside of this lil’ blog  but I’d LOVE to see those pictures she took because I am in at least two of them. It was super cool, I remember feeling her braids brush up against my face, who wouldn’t want those memories?

I was even hoping the video where all of us were cheering on Brandy would pop up somewhere too but so far nothing.

Brandy’s social media information is below. She posts regularly, more so on IG and if you were one of the fish in that selfie sea keep checking just in case it appears, maybe even drop her a line thanking her for that awesome moment!



Sending LOVE and THANKS to Brandy once again for being so sweet and kind, to her security and managers for keeping everyone in line.

BIG thank you to the staff and security at The Hard Rock for being super chill and fun and last but not least…

THANK YOU to everyone who’s stopped by to see what’s going on in this stalkers world. For the likes, the shares, and the comments! You’re awesome!

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  1. She’s not lying, I was there witnessing it all!! Brandy is sweet and real people person Such a fun night and experience! My 2nd time in concert with her in life and in the same year, but this has been the closest yet. I’ll meet and greet one day with my own selfie .

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