You work two jobs, you MUST be a millionaire.

Yes I have a husband, yes we both work a full 40+ hours at one job, yes we work another 10-15 hours a week at another job… no we don’t have dollar bills leaking from our butts. We actually struggle just like most of society, but it’s our choice and our way of living.

Wait, here… let me back up a little.

We don’t have human kids together (love you Ricky) so we go on vacations, we play sports, we go out to eat and enjoy life. With that comes the cold hard truth of not having a healthy pile of money laying around.

Oh don’t get me wrong, we have a savings and a 401K but when it comes to having a constant flow of cash, well… for us that’s unrealistic.

Also without going into depressing detail, we have some debt. A credit card bill here or there, a loan that just won’t go away, a doctor bill from when you skinned you knee back in 2009.

We work two jobs to help get those bills down, to give us that extra cash to go see a movie, continue to play volleyball on Friday nights and not turn into couch potatoes (though that does sound really enticing right now).

We’ve been in some bad situations, managing money isn’t easy and I’m not gonna lie…you learn the hard way. We’re doing good, we’re almost where we want to be and then maybe we get rid of that second job or we keep it and do more of the things we love to do together.

Working two jobs is exhausting, I get crabby and hate it most days but it’s what WE personally have to do to survive at this moment.

To be honest, I’ve had two jobs most of my life and same with my husband. If you find a place you like and there are perks to working there, sometimes sticking it out isn’t bad.

I worked at a movie theater for years, free movies, I work at an outlet store now, 25% off everything, so in the end you are also saving money.

Good thing I have a RedBull handy most days to get me through both jobs.

8 hours sitting at a desk, certifying fixtures and writing up instructions

5 hours stickering product and stocking shelves 



I remember someone telling me once that we have it better because we are a couple, double income which means we can afford to do things they can’t because they are single. That’s not true, two people means twice as much toilet paper, twice as much water, twice as much pizza being eaten, twice as many car payments, twice as many movie tickets… and on and on and on. Good thing is, is if one of us lost a job or had to miss some time, we do have the others income to help keep us afloat.


Stop using the excuse that you are single as a crutch, I’m learning that we can be our biggest obstacle in life sometimes. And if you want to go on vacations do something about it, cut something out, or put some $$ aside but don’t blame others for why they are succeeding and you’re not.

I hear friends all the time complain they can’t afford this or they don’t have food in the house, no gas to get cigarettes and no money to buy them, yet won’t pick up a second job. I get it, it’s not for everyone but if you want to get out of a hole … sometimes you have to put forth more effort.

If you’re comfortable living pay check to pay check then continue on but for the Dodge household we’d like to put that in the past and work on our future. Remember, money is just money and you want to do things that make you happy. I laugh because I am probably one of the hardest people to get to buy things for myself, ask me when the last time was I bought a pair of underwear? I don’t know.

But, we’re getting off topic here. The reason for this post is try not to assume that just because someone has multiple jobs that they are living luxurious lifestyles. People could be trying to pay off school, putting money towards their cats cremation, Grandma needs a new TV, your crack addiction or whatever it may be,  but good chance it’s NOT for fun.

I’m not actually sure why I even started this post, it kinda snowballed into a rant. That’s embarrassing. I guess maybe because I am at that point where I’d like to have nights and weekends to myself and to focus more on my blogging, currently it’s a struggle.

For the moment we’ll continue to work 2 jobs until it no longer matters, until then .. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be ok.





4 thoughts on “You work two jobs, you MUST be a millionaire.”

  1. I agree with you. Some people who never really worked a day in their lives are the first to comment about raking in money from two jobs etc.
    I remember a time I worked 60+ hour weeks that I was rich and was able to do stuff. They forget that even though i did 60 + hours, realistically I was only being paid for 40 of those due to the hefty tax and national insurance being deducted.
    Anyways, two jobs is sometimes better than one. You have that change there to stop boredom creeping in. Also a change in faces always helps ^_^!
    Ps I like your rants

    1. 🙂 Thank you for reading my rants. XOXO

      You’re correct, just because you worked all those hours doesn’t mean you’re going to get a wheelbarrow full of gold bars the next day. Taxes, health insurance, 401 and whatever else you got going on.

      But the change of scenery is nice and it definitely keeps us busy and active.

  2. I work 2 jobs it’s tiring at times & I miss my lazy weekends just purely watching TV but I see things getting done in the house, debts being paid & just booked another trip back to NY in November I love going & without this job it wouldn’t happen you do what you need to so you can enjoy your life

    1. That’s awesome and you’re absolutely correct. We only live once so let’s make the most of it, if that means working a couple of jobs and losing a few weekends here and there… so be it.
      Thanks for the comment and enjoy NY!!!

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