Cutting your own hair – My Story.


I bring this post to you based on my own personal experiences… Cut thy hair at your own risk.

First let’s start off on cutting someone else’s hair. My husband is 50% bald and his hair is pretty thin. Before I came along he was going to a professional barber shop and paying money for them to use one razor size, move it around his head 10-12 times and collect his money.

We went out and bought a nice little razor kit, with adjustable clips and I have been cutting his hair..FOR FREE for the past 10 years.

It’s pretty easy but you should know there is a little bit of skill required. You want to make sure the hairline is straight, you get all the hair around the ears and that everything is even. It’s hard to mess up, but … you can and I have, like using the wrong size clip…oops!

This idea is great for kids too, especially in the summer time when you buzz the crap out of their head to stay cool.

It’s a great way to save time and money, especially when you are in a pinch.



Moving onto your own hair, in this demonstration we are talking about shorter hair styles.

I’ve had short hair for most of my life and I’m not your typical girly girl, I don’t go to the salon and pay millions of dollars for cuts and colors. I’ll spend $15 at your local Great Clips but my hair grows so fast and thick that I would need to go there a lot to maintain my cut.

Especially now that I went with the stylish shaved side, it would be really silly for me to pay money every week to keep that appearance up.  Plus my hair is short and purposely uneven that it’s hard to mess it up. If the sides start getting too long, I take some scissors and cut a little bit here and there. When my hair starts growing back, I take out the razor and shave it back down.

However, it can only work to a point because eventually the top gets longer, the back is out of control and those are the parts of the hair that you should probably have done by a professional.

Just recently I was having some issues with a a few pieces of hair that would not comb over, they would stick straight up and it was becoming very annoying.  So, I just took some scissors and cut the WHOLE thing off. I recommend not getting too carried away, it can happen to the best of us. One minuet you’re doing a little trimming and the next thing you know you have a sink full of hair.


I must have felt invincible that day and without any proper training continued to hack away at my thick locks. Pretty sure that was a bad idea, because that left me with a spot on my head that looked like fuzzy barbie doll hair.

Good thing for me, I seemed to be the only one that could tell. Haha


Remember, when you finally do get around to actually going somewhere to have it cut… you’ll have to explain to the person what happened.

I just recently went and the first thing I said was “oh, don’t mind that… It was out of control and I cut it off.” She definitely noticed (we shared a chuckle) and as I was walking out the door she told me to never cut my hair again, lol.

The ladies at Great Clips were awesome, we had a great time and laughed a lot. Mostly because I am hilarious but I give them props for having a sense of humor. When all was said and done I left feeling 20 pounds lighter and looked like a human being once again.

I say, If you’re creative and have a little bit of an idea of what you are doing when cutting your own hair, GO FOR IT! Just know when to stop and seek help.


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12 thoughts on “Cutting your own hair – My Story.”

  1. Hahaha! You cut your own hair! It looks good though and you really can’t tell.
    I tried once, and never again. Tried to cut my own fringe and it was the biggest mistake ever!!
    As for boys, I agree, if you’re just gonna get the shave, might as well get someone close to do it.
    That being said, my Aunty did it to her son, and shaved a huge bald spot into the back of his head!!
    I don’t miss the days my grandma used to cut my hair. I had a proper bowl cut!!


    1. LOL. Yes!! If parts are getting long, I’ll just take some scissors to it and of course I shave the side of my head regularly. Thanks, probably could have been a lot worse.

      OH no! A bald spot! Yeah, that can’t be good.

      YOU had a bowl cut? LMAO, poor Kelly.

      Thanks for stopping by, xoxo!

  2. Haha! You seriously made me giggle throughout this whole post, which I definitely needed that! It’s so great you can have a sense of humor about it and the Barbie Doll comparison I love how unique the cut is and if I was brave enough I’d do the same. Loved this!

    1. Oh good!! I love making people laugh, sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who understands my humor.

      Thank you for the love!

  3. I have cut my hair before when I was much younger and it did not go well. My mum was not very impressed. I will never ever take scissors to my hair again. I can’t trust myself haha!

  4. Ha! Oh man. I’ve cut my own hair a few times, and I’ve gotta say, double side shaves are the HARDEST to trim. It takes me well over an hour! Whew. Props to you. 🙂

    1. 🙂 Thanks! It can be a choir and I am super anal so.. Yes sometimes I get carried away.
      Also, my husband dosen’t trust himself really to help out, lol.

  5. I am guilty of cutting my own hair very poorly! I usually keep it long and sometimes it gets out of control and I cut off a few inches if I don’t have a hair appointment lined up.

    The awkward conversation with the hair stylist is never fun! They’re always like, “Um, who cut your hair last?” and I have to say, “Me. I did. It was me.” Ha!

  6. Effing with my hair is my adrenaline rush, like skydiving, but safe-ish. I change my color and/or length when the mood strikes. Which it does with surprising regularity. I have Bettie bangs which I cut myself, because I’m cheap and my hair grows fast and most stylists don’t know who the hell Bettie Page is. I cut hubby’s hair too. He’s currently rocking a Viking do with the shaved sides (so hot!).
    Have I had some oopsie daisy moments? You bet. Jim Carey bowl cut bangs, and going to work with bright orange hair (first time bleaching), but I’ve been pretty lucky. When something doesn’t turn out quite they way you expected, you just have to rock it. I am unapologetic when I do get it cut by a professional. Yes I did it, and I’ll do it again! Mwahahahaha!

    1. Oh really? A hair junkie? Only colored my hair once or twice and had to bleach it since it’s super dark. Went blue then that faded to an ugly green then kinda bleached it again and left it with yellowish/orange/blonde… color. It was horrible. Haven’t dyed my hair since, that was back in high school. Yeah if you can totally cut your own bangs FOR FREE then more power to ya! Love that you take credit for your Jim Carrey bob. HAHA!

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