Jeff Daniels: A Second Chance.

A little over two years ago Shari and I got tickets to see Jeff Daniels perform at Music Box Super Club, you can check out that blog post here.

We initially were there for the stalk but sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and support the musicians, show them some love and hopefully they continue to visit Cleveland.

If you are not familiar with Jeff Daniels, you may know him from his popular 1994 role as Harry Dunne in Dumb and Dumber.

While I was combing through the possible celebrity stalk list, Jeff popped back up.

I pondered the thought and then moved on, if you haven’t checked the old blog yet I’ll fill you in real quick.

After the show we went out back to try to meet Jeff, he came out to say “hello” to a few friends and then hopped in his car and left. As always, a failed stalk leaves us feeling a bit salty. S

o, with this stirring up old feelings I wasn’t sure if I wanted to drive back out to Cleveland only to get denied again. But in this line of business, yes… I said business you just don’t give up.

A day or so later Shari had contacted me about Jeff, we talked and didn’t know if he was worth another try. After some thought, we’ve decided to give him a second chance.

Jeff will be back at Music Box Supper Club, Thursday the 16th. The plan is to hit him up before his 8 o’clock show, hopefully it won’t be as cold and dark as the last time.

Before show stalks are a little tricky but if you time it right…it can bode better for everyone.


  • Usually, warmer and not as dark.
  • There’s less likely to be a crowd, if any at all.
  • They are not rushing to leave because they have a flight to catch.
  • Sometimes it takes them longer to come out, could be a meet and greet, they are packing up, mingling or taking a shower. So it can get very late, you usually have to set a time you’re willing to stay till.


  • You can miss them totally. If you get there late and they are already inside, there’s a good chance they are NOT coming back out.
  • They are running late, meaning they roll up minuets before their gig and go right inside.


That is all for now, I’ll make sure to update everyone on our adventure…. good or bad.




Below I’ve added some video of our 2015 encounter with Jeff, please enjoy!


Jeff performs with his son Ben.


Jeff ditching out on some fan love.

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