Green Day = Rainy Day

Green Day

Green Day



Shari suggested we hunt down Green Day, I like Green Day so I figured why not. House of Blues is a pretty easy venue for one to snag a celebrity, we’ve done it many times before…some successful some not soo successful but we were willing to give this one a try.

The Cleveland weather showed rain and low 50’s during the time we needed to hang outside, this didn’t make Shari and I very happy. However a stalk is a stalk and we’ve waited it out in worst, so we packed up and headed on out.

I picked Shari up around 6:15pm and we made our way to Cleveland, we were lucky enough to find a parking spot on the street and basically in front of the HOB…for FREE! We walked to the back where the buses and or drop off area was, there was already a few people hanging around.

The wind picked up and the temperature seemed to have dropped since we had gotten there but it wasn’t raining and that was good. We used this time to take a traditional selfie, eye-bags included.



During this time an older gentleman came by, he went right up to the group of girls. There was 5 of them I think, probably between 18-23.  He comes over and is like “Here’s the deal” so naturally I turned to listen. This guy must have talked to the group earlier and then came back with answer’s. From what I could tell, he had 2 tickets and wanted to give one away for free, The girls obviously wouldn’t split up so they suggested he give the ticket to the one other guy. This guy was by himself, I am pretty sure he was an ebayer. He totally was cool with taking the ticket but the guy didn’t want to give it to a guy, he said he wanted to give it to someone less fourenant. Anyways. It got real weird real quick, people were yelling and name calling. He tried talking to us and getting us on his side but we just stood there staring at him. He finally left and the rest of us just went back to waiting for Green Day to arrive. A few minutes later we decided to shoot a little video, below you will find Shari filling our fans in on the nights festivities.

Shortly after we shot the video a fancy black van with tinted windows appeared at the entrance of the driveway. We all knew it was them, so we got up and played it cool. The van pulled past us and then stopped, the rain started but it was a slow drizzle. All 9 of us stood there quiet and patiently, expecting the members to come out and take a few pictures but that never happened While this was all going down I handed my phone to Shari and told her to face the van because it was recording, I was digging into my bag to pull out the 12-year-old ticket stub I had from when they came to concert with Blink 182.




When I looked up I noticed the van had pulled all the way up to the loading dock, I went to get my phone back from Shari but she no longer had it annnnnd didn’t know where it went. LOL. Long story short one of the kids waiting, took it from her and continued to get the footage for us. Green Day got out of the van and we all called for them, we did get some of them to turn around and one waved.

Check out the video below of Green Day leaving their fans out in the cold and rain.

Shari and I waited a few more minutes, the rain was coming down hard and we figured the boys of Green Day were not coming back out. Instead Shari and I headed into the House Of Blues and had some dinner.

It turned out to be a nice night, we didn’t wait long and we didn’t have to pay for parking. Green Day didn’t stop to take pictures but we did see them so I guess it’s wasn’t a total bust. Plus we had found out later that they opened up for themselves disguised as another band, which was probably why they went right in. If there was a legit opening act we might have had a better chance of meeting them.

We paid for our meal, ghetto style and left.


I’d like to say Congratulations to Green Day for being inducted to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame here in Cleveland.

And thank you to all our fans!!

Thanks for following our adventures, stay tuned for more.


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STALK ya later.

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