Paul Reiser

I had added Paul Reiser to the calendar but wasn’t 100% sure if I’d be able to snag him this time around, especially since we were already seeing Kevin Pollak. 

Good thing we did though, because Kevin told the audience to check out Paul and well… that peaked my curiosity a smidge more.

You probably know Mr.Reiser from his 1990’s TV sitcom role as Paul Buchman starring next to Helen Hunt in Mad About You. Or most recently his role as the doctor in Stranger Things 2.

Fast forward to Saturday I went into work to do a little overtime and did some research on the ticket price of Paul’s show and to see if any were still available.

The show was not sold out and prices were decent enough so I kept that in the back of my mind.

I got home and wanted to sleep for days but my husband convinced me to leave the house and see a movie.

I asked if he wanted to go to a show after and of course depending how late it would be and how we would feel. He was totally up for it so I called Hilarities and purchased two tickets, with Kevin’s blessing of course.

The show was at 7 and we got there about ten till, picked our tickets up from will call and got seated in the exact same seats we sat at when we saw Kevin Pollak.

Paul was a great comedian, Pat and I both had a really good time.  Pat said he was better than the last 3 comedians we saw, so I was glad we dragged our wilted bodies out for a nice night.

Let me say this though, I enjoyed myself but it could have been better and this is why. To make my blog successful I want pictures and videos to share with everyone and so my focus is usually on trying to secretly record.

This particular time I was more nervous, people were behind me and I didn’t want to get caught.

With it being so dark in the room the light from my camera would be overpowering and I didn’t want to blind anyone or draw more attention to myself, but like the last time I was able to cover the screen light with something and record without any problems.

I waited too long to get ready and Paul was already on stage. This is where I want to get the act on camera (and I just want a couple of minutes, I am not here to record the whole thing and sell it on the internet later) because 9 times out of 10 they are going to talk about Cleveland and he did.

He mentioned LeBron and The Browns, the snow and when he was here last. So as this is going on my anxiety is off the charts because I failed to get the good stuff.

Now all I can think about is how can I get my camera setup and begin recording again but at this point I’m hardly paying attention to the show.

I was able to get the camera ready but because my battery was not charged it kept shutting off and of course I didn’t realize it right away.

I then tried my phone but that also shut down so pretty much I spent the whole time worrying about getting footage instead of having a good time.


There are no recording devices allowed during any of the shows, please don’t do as I do.

Moving on.

Paul met up with fans after the show and well you know me, I got right in line.

Pat was ready with the camera but that wouldn’t stay on longer than 30 seconds because the battery was dead, but as a back up I put my phone on record and secretly aimed it at him to get our interactions on video.

Deep Breath!

I walk up to him and this time I decided to grow some balls and ask Paul to give a shout out to the blog, I figured… what did I have to lose?

He seemed like a cool guy so I gave it a shot and boy was I wrong, he declined… nicely so I kind of let that slide. The video is below.

It is what it is, I just picked the wrong guy to ask, but you have to take risks… and I did.

Paul was very nice though, he wasn’t a dick about it and still managed to put up with me long enough for a photo-op.

At one point and I don’t think it’s on camera (because I was recording on the “Down low” and it was aimed off to the side only getting half of his face but when I asked for the shout out he looked down at the phone as if he knew I was recording it) but I think I played it cool enough and didn’t raise anymore red flags.

There’s more?

Then before everything was said and done I asked for him to sign my ticket stub, he did but signed the back.


The picture came out pretty good and I love my camera but the flash is one of those that pops up on the top, right as you click the button to take the picture.

Great but not so great because that is usually where your finger is holding the camera so when it shoots up, it hits your finger and doesn’t deploy all the way (that’s if it doesn’t startle you and you drop it first), not flashing and not taking the picture.

So I always have to say, one more time and usually the person getting the picture done with me knows “ok, the flash didn’t go off so something didn’t work” and they let a second picture take place.

I know, this is really useless information but It happened with Paul and since this blog is about him I feel it necessary to share.


Why does it look like I’m smuggling two giant babies in my shirt?


I think he looks pretty good, and his back was super sweaty. I remember like rubbing my hand in it, not sure why I got that involved in all of that but I did.

We thanked each other and then went our separate ways, he had another show and Pat and I headed upstairs and indulged in some dinner.

I signed up for a bonus type card from Pickwick and Frolic where you can earn points per dollar you spend there and they sent us free parking and $25.00 towards a menu item so we took advantage of some good eats.

Pat got the steak and I got a pizza, mine was delicious and crispy and Pat said his meat was awesome.

We had a very good evening all around!

A special shout out to Pickwick and Frolic, the atmosphere is one of a kind and always welcoming. Check out Hilarities upcoming acts and don’t forget to stop and get a bite to eat before you fill your bellies with laughs.


Well folks that is all for this one, I hope you enjoyed it.

Please spread the word by SHARING, LIKING, COMMENTING, and maybe SCREAMING it from the rooftops.

Thank you for all of your continuous support, much love and STALK ON!!


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