Help me meet JACK NICHOLSON!





For all of those who know me, you might be surprised that it took me this long to do something like this AND you probably won’t be surprised that I’m finally doing it.

below is a sloppy run down of my “healthy” obsession with Jack… just so that everyone is on board.



It all began about 17 years ago when As Good As It Gets was released into movie theaters everywhere on December 25th, 1997 and then later released onto VHS May 19th, 1998. (Dates may not be 100% accurate)

I knew OF Jack Nicholson but I was a child and apparently hadn’t hit puberty yet, even though I was going after all my grade school teachers.

I had seen Batman, The Shining and Probably 1 or 2 others but when I saw AS GOOD AS IT GETS.. let’s just say I was never the same.

I know I didn’t see it in theaters so must have rented it, I’m pretty sure it was a tape since we and by we I mean my friend Kristin watched it over and over and over again. It was pretty bad, it actually got to the point where we were acting out parts in the movie.

((knock knock))

-Melvin Udall angrily tosses down his reading glasses, rushes to the front door and flings it open.-

Yes, one of us stood outside and knocked on a real door while the other one opened it, we did this for hours.

We eventually started writing stories and had a whole plot figured out. I of course was married to Jack and we lived together next to Kristin (and she will probably kill me) who was married to Jim Carrey.

Do you think this stopped when we got older…no…things just got better, weirder, and  pretty kinky.

Maybe one day I’ll share some excerpts.


Once I found a dog that looked like Verdell from As Good As It Gets and I snagged him/she up for a picture, he/she later slipped out through our gate in the back yard, I wonder why?


image V.S As_Good_As_It_Gets_2 – Pretty damn close if you ask me and NO, I didn’t cut my hair to match Jack’s.. I was just going through a phase.


Everyone in my grade school and eventually high school knew my obsession and addressed us as a couple.

On my long walks home from school I would recite As Good As It Gets in my head from beginning to end, I pretty much knew all the characters lines.

When I got packages in the mail there were addressed to Lauren Nicholson.

I started collecting all his movies, any magazine or book he was in, posters and pictures.



I would watch any award show hoping to catch a glimpse, back then he was in a lot of them and center stage, usually accepting an award or presenting one.

I would sit on a chair in front of the TV with a blank VHS tape in and the remote in my handing hitting record every time he would pop on-screen, even if it was the back of his head that shit got recorded.

I visited my cousin in California with Kristin and we hit all the cool Hollywood spots, I was like 17 so it’s not like I was out clubbing.

However we drove by Jack’s house on Mulholland Drive a hundred times, I just wish I would have gotten out and tried to scale the huge gate out front (I have pictures but can’t seem to locate them).

I even got my picture on his star at the Hollywood Walk Of Fame and his hand prints at TCL Chinese Theater, formally knows as Mann’s Chinese Theater but I can’t find those pictures either.

Drove 8 hours to New York city once to be an extra in Anger Management in hopes to meet him.

I was with Kristin (of course) and it was quite an experience, especially since it was right after 9/11.

We had 3 days to pick from to go down there, we picked the last day. Found out THAT was the one day Jack did NOT show up, he was there the 2 days before. People we were sitting by told us how he would walk up and down the aisles cracking jokes and mingling with the fans. I about died, no, actually I did.

Then afterwards they were handing out shirts that said “I was in Anger Management” they were all out of them by the time I had arrived.

That was all my little heart could handle and I just started to ball, mind you we had been up for 24 hours in Yankee Stadium pretend cheering so I was a bit tired and emotional.

Some lady saw me and gave me her shirt, it was super awesome of her and that shirt has been hanging in my closet ever since. I don’t think we were ever in the final cut, I need to go back and look again.

I had (I think I finally threw them out a few years back) hard disks with nothing but saved pictures of Jack on them, I would just search images in his name.

I even got in trouble once for writing “I love Jack Nicholson” on my friends aunts blanket and I couldn’t even deny it.

My apartment is splattered with Jack Nicholson memorabilia, I’ve toned down a smidge but he still has a very strong presence.


Our turtle is named Melvin and we have a fish named Simon (RIP Simon) after the characters in my favorite movie, As Good As it Gets. If you look closely you can see them in the picture, 🙂

Slightly embarrassed to admit loving someone you never met and who doesn’t even know you exist but that’s what long distance relationships are all about.

Over the years my obsession has faded somewhat, just due to the fact that I have gotten older, got married, have a job and participate in lots of random activities that it’s hard to continue 100% of what I used to do.

I don’t religiously Google search him anymore or watch award shows,  I have yet to finish my movie collection or even seen all of them. It kind of makes me upset when I think about it but my life has changed so much since my childhood.

However I still get goosebumps and my heart flutters ever time I see him on TV or someone mentions his name out of the blue, I’ve never stopped obsessing I am just not as physical about it anymore.

Anyways, I am getting off topic.

I have always wanted to meet him and I wish I tried harder over the years, my laziness has gotten in the way.

So this is my first and final (I only say final because I like being dramatic) chance of trying to meet him, He’s not getting any younger and I don’t have any other ideas other than to move to California and set up camp in his driveway.

So I am going to share with the world, or the 7 people the actually care and read my blog in hopes we can spread the word so far so that it reaches Jack himself.

Below is a video of me giving a walk through of our apartment and how it’s decked out.

Well. I hope you enjoyed that little romp around the apartment, I know I had a blast doing it.

So now this is where ALL OF YOU COME IN, PLEASE-PLEASE share this blog post. I will also have just a picture that you can share too and hopefully it will make it around the world.

A girl can dream, can’t she?!


Eh, not too shabby! I went with black and white because it’s the best color I look good in.


OK, kids! Let’s see if this works!!




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