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If your read my latest blog (and I hope you did) it was about how I met Kevin Pollak, I mentioned Frank in there a few times because both shows were at the same place within 24 hours of each other. Lucky for me I was able to make them both happen, but it was hard.

Ok. So here we go. Frank was a special guest, he had 1 performance on Fathers Day that got sold out which lead him to add a 2nd show later that night. Pat and I were going back and forth whether or not to see him or Kevin Pollak, going to see a show is easier because then Pat is more likely to tag along. Normally Pat does not attended these stalking parties but plans fell through and I needed someone to go with me and with the casino so close by we usually make a night of it and do a little gambling, this makes everyone happy. But when I looked up prices for Frank’s show I realized both were sold out and kinda got bummed seeing as I would have rather seen him than Kevin. So like the little creeper I am I tried to make contact with Frank on Twitter and he RESPONDED!


So I took him on his word, called up there and lucky for me they had a few seats for $35.00 up in the balcony, but before I could make a decision we got disconnected. This was fine because I needed to double-check with Pat and at this time I looked up what it would cost for the two of us to go to both  shows ( Frank and Kevin), it was looking like $125.00. I needed to think about it and thus I hopped into the shower to regroup, upon washing my hair I came up with my final decision. I would go see Frank’s show instead, for a few reasons. 1) He responded to my tweets, Kevin never did. 2)We knew what kind of act he was going to do and the both of us knew we would like it and 3) I think it would have been easier for the stalk. I got onto the phone to order our tickets and found out they were COMPLETELY SOLD OUT, I was like I just talked to someone less than 40 minutes ago. Now I was really bummed and my whole plan went out the window, so I just sat there. Finally I decided to get tickets to see Kevin instead and just do a drive by tomorrow for Frank.

Saturday night was fun and Kevin Pollak did a wonderful job, Pat and I hit the casino and got home around 2am. We were up pretty early the next day and hung out at the beach for a few hours (Frank never showed) before we headed home to freshen up for the evening.  By now Pat really didn’t want to go with me  back up to Cleveland but he wasn’t going to let me go alone, so I called my mom who agreed to accompany me. However Pat went with us so he could go to the casino while the two of us stalked, even though I’m 30 he still doesn’t trust me walking the darks streets of downtown by myself. Anyways. he dropped mom and I off and we figured we would just hit the downstairs bar, which is right by where the audience members and actors come out at the end of the night but when we got there to our surprise it was not open. Mom and I waited outside, it was a beautiful night so we didn’t mind.  From where we were standing you can see the people come out and knew the show was over so all we had to do was keep and eye on that and sneak right in.

While we were standing there one of the workers, probably a manager (he was dressed nice) said to me “two nights in a row?” I told him I was obsessed but he said that was fine and that they always want people down here, I informed him I couldn’t get tickets but that Frank said he would meet with people afterwards, the guy agreed smiled and left. I at least felt good because he didn’t tell me to leave or stopped me from going inside so we were flying high. PLUS, he was the same guy from the night before when I met Kevin –  he said “You finally got your guy!” and then he remembered me the next night so that was super cool.

We waited probably another 6-10 minutes, it wasn’t long at all when people started filling out the door and into the street. I gave mom the look and we both walked in and fought our way down the stairs as people were trying to go up, no one was hurt. We got down there and it was busy, I looked around and noticed there was a line and barricades leading people like cattle from the one door all around to where Mr.Caliendo was, I panicked for a minuet. We walked inside a little bit more and my friend from outside was standing by the ropes he said ‘This way to Frank” smiled and let mom and I through where we joined the herd of people and waited for our turn. Pretty sweet. While we were waiting I tried to get some video for the blog but it’s pretty shotty, it was such a crowded place that it’s filled mostly with the backs of people’s heads. Plus I swear Frank kept looking at me and I didn’t want to be too obvious with my camera skills so I toned it down a bit but if you care to take a peek the video is below for your viewing pleasure.

Mom brought her tablet to also take pictures and videos but she is still in the learning process and like mother like daughter we panic and don’t think. So this is what went down. I was recording and some guy that was behind us kinda of scooted to the front, he asked if we were ready or if it was ok he went. I told him to go and offered to take his picture for him, he kindly agreed. At this point mother should be recording and I don’t think she was or did and I haven’t heard or seen anything from her but I don’t think so (Plus we really didn’t discuss what we should do, we just cry about it later). What’s cool with her device is that you can record and also take stills at the same time but we forgot all about that. So, after the guy left Frank looked up and said “Hey, the tweeter!” I responded “That’s me or It’s me” I don’t quite know but I walked up and gave him an awkward hug. He asked if I ended up getting tickets to his next show and I told him the story of my procrastination and then we turned to take the picture. I handed my camera to my mom, nervous because she’s not the best at working it. We stood together and smiled, the flash button popped up but it never took the picture. I was like try one more, Frank was like “PUSH the button” and her response was ‘This one?” and  tried pushing down the actual flash itself.. Oh mother. finally she got it to take and the whole time I kept whispering to Frank, she’s gonna break it. LOL –  Love you Mom.


The picture came out really good, minus the fact I look pregnant.

I asked Frank to sign my scrap paper I brought from home, I said it’s all I had since I didn’t have an actual ticket.  I asked if he could it out to “Lauren” and then started rambling and apologizing for being annoying. He asked how to spell my name but at the same time I was trying to get the camera ready to capture that on film but I was like.. “L -A…..” (10 minuet pause) he was like… “UREN” Yup, mom was even like.. “Ahh, duh” I again apologized he then spoke up to one of his people asking if he gave us one of his cards, he said no and handed one to us. Frank informed us that if we TEXT the picture to that # he will sign it and mail it back, I was like WHAT? That’s ridiculous. Anyways. We thanked him a million more times and left. He was super friendly and super cute, I think I told him he looked good when I gave him the hug.


Really wish I would have gotten our interaction on film, maybe next time.

Well folks, what I thought was going to be a bust turned out to be a very happy ending. I got what I wanted to accomplish, it took a little bit more effort on my part but it was all very much worth it.

SPECIAL THANKS to Hilarities –  Great food and Great people!

Thanks to Frank Caliendo for putting up with me!


AND –  Thanks to all of you, please continue to read and ENJOY!


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