Danity Kane (DK)


May was pretty slow but JUNE is jam-packed, we have a lot lined up and hopefully we can snag as many victims as possible.

But first here is Shari’s Danity Kane story.

I had just come back from the Dominican Republic and was unable to hang with Shari but she did fine without me.


“Alright my beautiful blockers- time to tell the story of Danity Kane! So, Nick and I went to House of Blues around noon, after a Starbucks run, of course! We were the only two people back there waiting, and when we arrived, we saw there were no buses. Herego, the girls weren’t there yet. We started to get hungry and decided to make a quick trip to CVS so we could get a nutritious lunch of snapples and chips. We came back and saw no buses still so we knew we were in the clear. Then, as soon as I sat down, a bird shat on my pants. We had to wipe it off, Cleveland style, with chips. So now Nick and I are freaking because Nick described himself as looking “ratchet and hit,” and I had remnants of bird shat on my leg. So we continue to chill, and notice a white van roll up into the parking lot. I see a cute little girl with a whole lot of hair roll out of the van carrying her own luggage. I asked Nick if it was Aundrea and he wasn’t certain, and I got nervous and started fumbling, so we let her go into the back of HOB without any words of acknowledgement. This is when I started getting angry with myself for not having lady balls to say something. A few minutes later, she came back out with her BF, and I stood up-she looked like she was walking over by us so I waved and she waved back. I asked her for a pic and to sign my DK cover and she did (good thing I come prepared and had my own sharpie!), so her BF volunteered to take the pic, and Nick jumped in too. She was super nice, asked me what my name was, introduced herself, and told us the other girls would be there soon. So Nick and I know we can’t leave and continue to chill.Meanwhile, I see a van with a UHAUL circling around, but figured that it wouldn’t be them. Then the van came back and pulled by the stage door, so I asked Nick to watch who got out, so he did, but we only saw some guys so we assumed it was stage crew. I continued to watch, and then I saw a little blonde jump out, then another one, then Dawn. So I ran right over and screamed for Dawn because she was closest to me. She turned around and I asked for a pic, then I realized I left all my stuff by Nick so I start screaming “NIIIICKKK bring all of my stuff!!” Then Dawn gave me a hug! And told me the other girls ran in because they had a meet – n- greet. I felt bad and told her that Nick was hauling ass and said sorry for holding you up and she said “No, don’t rush, it’s okay!” She was so sweet! So I realized my security friend was working and asked him if it was better to wait or come back after the concert, he told me after, and he knows his shit so I left. Their concert was literally over at 930, and I am still upset that they did not perform BAD GIRL! TOTAL BETRAYAL! Anyhoo, afterwards, Aundrea definitely took pics with the crowd, but Dawn, Aubrey, and Shannon shafted everyone. A little upsetting but Dawn was a total sweetheart to me earlier! And there you have it! Til next time!”



Hope you enjoyed that story and that it keeps you full and wanting more until our next big event!

Sit tight and enjoy the ride.


Thank you again for everything and REMEMBER –  Like, Comment, and Share.


Stalk ya later!!



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