Christina Perri and Birdy – Head or Heart Tour

Christina Perri was a very much planned event, we went to the concert and performed the stalk afterwards.

Below is the story.

Calender was marked all we had to do was purchase the tickets and make traveling arrangements but we still had some time to fine tune everything, so we waited a smidge longer.

Lucky for us I found a great deal online, for $60 I got 2 tickets to any show at the HOB and $50 to spend on food/drink and merchandise.  We totally made out, ordered our tickets and confirmed plans for that night.

Shari volunteered to drive and so I met her at her place around 5:30 and then we headed downtown for a fun evening of dinner, drinks, music, and STALKING!

Parked the car and headed into the restaurant at the House of Blues, unfortunately it was a 30 minute wait without a resevation…something we didn’t have but there was a smaller bar/lounge area that had drinks and finger type foods we could go sit at. Shari and I made our way back to the front of the building and managed to snag a tall table with 2 chairs, we sat down and studied the menu.  A couple of beers later, a cheeseburger, some spinach and artichoke dip and we were on our way to the front of the line (if you spend $20 a person you get a pass to get into the concert before the outside people do).

We made our way to stage left, same spot we had for Hanson and Icona Pop but a lot closer and more center since we were earlier and the barricade was not up so the people went right up to the stage.

Seemed like forever until the show started, standing all day at work and then some more surrounded by sweaty people I was ready for bed and it was ony a little past 8pm. Finally the lights dimmed and the band came out, now we were getting somewhere. The opening act was Birdy, a 17 year old with a fantastic voice. I have never heard of her nor did I know anything she sang but I enjoyed it.



She had invited everyone out into the lobby for a small meet and greet after her last song. We had 2 others with us and we debated whether to go in groups so we could save our spot up by the stage but we all ended up going together.

We got out there, stood in line and got to meet Birdy.



After our little rendezvous the 4 of us hurried back inside but it had filled up 100% and there was hardly any room to move and when we got back to our spot there was no way we were going to be able to squeeze  between all the stanky people. So we ended up way right and up a level, it was rather annoying and hard to see. However we made the most of it and I was still able to get some good pictures and videos while trying to enjoy myself.

This first video is Christina performing A Thousand Years, enjoy!

The next video is Jar of Hearts, one of my favorites.

Now that I think about it I should have gotten her singing Human, but that’s ok.

Below are a few still shots I got!


Shari and I bounced before the last song to get in line out back and wait to meet her when she came out. We were the first ones out there and we walked to Euclid avenue and waited by the entrance of the driveway by the tour busses. A few minutes later a cute gay couple came over and joined us on our stalk, along with 4 others who eventually left due to the cold and  time.  So now it was just the 6 of us waiting out in the dark, I think it was about midnight and hyperthermia was setting in.  Shortly after that 2 ebayers popped over but then left and right after them 3 more showed up but these gals never left.  It was an older lady and 2 younger girls, I believe one was her daughter and the other a friend.  I overheard that they traveled from… I think New York to see Christina and were pretty obsessed with her. They had paid for the meet and greet earlier so already got to meet her get pictures and autographs too, not sure why they came back at 1am to stand in the cold but they did.

Shortly after that 2 figures started to walk towards us, I figured it was the moment we’ve all been waiting for and so I started to record.

Christina walked out with a good-looking gentleman and right away we were told to get into a line, and everyone followed directions but then the light went out but right before it did one picture was taken.

The picture below is one of my favorites, it was taken right before it went dark and we headed to the building. It’s of Jaime and Christina, a great picture by the way but what makes this picture awesome is the fact that I am in the background with an accidental photobomb.


I was actually recording the video above as the picture was being taken.



The video pretty much explains what went down but here is a brief description.

That’s how it was all night, there was one bright light and every few minutes it would shut off and then turn back on. So instead of waiting for it to come back on, we all headed back to the ramp that lead inside the House of Blues little dock area and began taking pictures. At one point the girls were so excited they were like almost running me over, until the one girl said to her friend (You can hear it in the camera as we walk) to back off since I had yet to meet her. I was thinking, calm yourself…we just waited like 2 1/2 3 hours in some cold ass weather fighting off homeless people and you’re going to show up 15 minutes before she comes out and after already MEETING her and crash my parade.. uhuh!

So the girls stood in the background as we all took our turns with Christina and once we left they pounced, I later found out that they got their picture posted by Christin on Instagram as her “favorite penguins” of the night and of course got another picture with her.

Anyways, jumping back a step. I recorded up until it was my turn to get my picture with Christina, I walked up and held my arms out for a hug.. got the hug and then smiled for the camera. (I really need to have someone record my interactions with these people, be nice to make an appearance in my own blog)


She was super cute, very patient and friendly, after the picture I asked for a quick sig, aka signature. She was looking for a marker but I had brought one with me ( always be prepared ) it was red and matched the ticket, she commented on how she liked red or something. When she was done signing she blew on the ticket to help it dry…adorable and then like a minute later I asked if she could put “to Lauren”, I mumbled how I was being annoying and she disagreed…once again blowing to dry the marker.


Then Christina mentioned something about a group photo, and the 4 of us got together. Someone had mentioned a “Selfie” picture but she said it was too cold and a group photo would be better. The guy took 2 different pictures of us, I am only posting the 1 because I look horrible in the second one.


And like the loner I am I get pushed to the front and used as a stepping stool.. but… I’m over it.

It was close to 2am by the time we got out of there and I got back home to my warm bed.  Before I called it a night I took a peek at myself in the mirror and almost shit myself. My eyeliner was smeared all over my face, it was probably there all night and I am sure very noticeable but… I am also over that… I think.

All in all I had a great night and accomplished what I went there for, I got to hang out with my friends and meet new ones.

MUCHO thanks to the House of Blues staff/security and especially Birdy and Christina Perri, for without them this awesome blog wouldn’t exist.


AND THANKS to all of you!!

Please enjoy, comment, like and SHARE!!


Stalk ya later!!

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