Boyz II Men – Wanya Morris

Shari and I decided last minuet to stalk some Boyz and thus made arrangements only a few days in advance.

Originally they were on the calendar but nothing was set in stone, especially since Shari had already met 2 out of the 3 and our schedules were tight. However she doesn’t like to leave unfinished business go for too long and I have a real hard time turning down a stalk.

I talked to my husband who agreed to drive, drop us off at the HOB and then he would wait for Shari and I at the Casino.

The two of us walked down the alley, it was about 5pm and we found out the Boyz were still at the hotel. So we took a little stroll to the Ritz to check some thing outs, we didn’t see a bus and figured we had a better shot to catch them as they rolled in. We were early and knew we had a few hours to spare since the show started at 8:30, so we took a little trip through Tower City, got a bite to eat and then headed back to our stake out spot in the parking lot.

The temperature dropped pretty quickly and where we were standing was like a wind vortex which made it seem like it was 30 degrees colder. Shari and I stood out there all by ourselves pretty much dancing and trying to sing all The Boyz II Men songs we could think of as we waiting for their arrival. Finally about 8:00pm a dark SUV pulled by us and up into the dock area (which was now going to make it harder for us to get to them) but we approached them anyways.

Check out the video below.

((Warning: Video may cause dizziness and vomiting))

So. What happened here was as soon as I realized the Boyz were in the car I began to record and slowly walk towards the vehicle but not to quickly as to cause any alarm… You know how dangerous 2 white woman can be.

The security was totally in my way as I was tried to see where the other 2 guys were at but during everything they slipped out the right side and disappeared into the building (shady).

Wanya however was not lucky enough because as soon as he turned around we were in his face, Shari asked for a picture and he was very happy to. At this moment she handed me her camera at the same time I was recording so I wrapped my camera string around my wrist and dropped the camera as it was still recording and it just swung back and forth.. which is where you get the dizzy effect.

Next is my turn and I hand my camera to Shari, which is still recording and I’m all like ahhh it’s still recording and she’s like.. ahhh what do I do? So I was like just let it go figuring I would get a couple of still shots from it but she started hitting the button to take the picture. Good thing it switched right over and in a few seconds she took the picture, we thanked Wanya and then departed… making our way back to the casino.


(I have to do something about that elbow, seems to be my trademark lately. Does it make me look sexy?)

We didn’t go to the show but I have a feeling it would have been a good one, I will make more of an attempt to attend the concert the next time they come around. My friend said they played all the hits. PLUS Shari still has yet to get her 3rd boy and of course now I need the other two.

It ended up being a good night and a successful mission.

After all that Shari and I met up with Pat at the casino and as we were sitting in the bar area some guy came up and handed us 4 free tickets to the Indians game. It was about an hour into it but we decided to take them and continue our evening. We walked over to the game and took our seats, which were awesome. They were right behind home plate and slightly to the right about 10 rows up. Weather was perfect, a smidge chilly since we were not dressed to attend a game but it was bearable. The Tribe showed promise but fell in the 10th to the BLue Jays. We headed back to the casino where I played a few slots and made about $50 off a twenty, we cashed out and headed home ahead and happy.


Many thanks to the House Of Blues and Boyz II Men for letting us hang out and chill!

AND thank you to everyone who visits the blog, shares, likes and comments. Please don’t stop the love.

Stalk ya later!!

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