Diana DeGarmo & Ace Young

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat came to Ohio on March 4th -16th, 2014 at Cleveland’s Playhouse Square, the two main performers were Diana DeGarmo as the narrator and Ace Young as Joseph.

Both from American idol,  Diana came onto the scene in the 3rd season and Ace popped in on the 5th season. The two  became engaged on May 23rd, 2012 after Ace surprised Diana with a ring on the American Idol season 11 finale.

Below is how I met the two, enjoy!

I like to perform in plays but have never really been a huge fan of going to watch them so I had decided to skip out on this one. Shari had bought tickets to a Sunday night performance for her and a friend, she was going to meet the cast afterwards. However her date for the show did NOT want to stick around afterwards so Shari called in the recruits.. me. Sunday night was bad for me especially with work early the next morning so I was up in the air about it. If I could get Pat to come with then it would have been easier to go but we still had a few days to think about it and I told her I would get back to her. Then plans changed again, Shari decided to go up Saturday and try to meet Diana and Ace and once again invited me to go along. It’s really hard for me to turn down a good stalk but Pat and I had plans and didn’t know where we would be at that time, we would play it by ear. Saturday came and went and I totally forgot about the possible plans until I saw Shari’s Facebook photo’s of her and the two. She went up Saturday night all by herself and stood in the cold dark streets of Cleveland waiting for the show to end. When they came out, she was able to get pictures and autograph’s. They even walked her to her car, the sweet people they are.

Now I am all like … “man, I wish I would have went” so I pouted for a minute until Shari informed me they were here for a whole nother week and that she would love to meet them again. So we made plans to head out to Cleveland Thursday night and do a quick snag.

The funny thing is after Sundays show, Shari and her friend accidentally ran into Ace and Diana walking to Starbucks afterwards and got a few mores pictures and autographs.

Now fast forward to Thursday.

I worked till about 4 and then met Shari for dinner around 7 at Fridays, we had a nice time catching up. Shortly after 8 we packed up and headed downtown, found a nice spot to park and then hit the Playhouse. We were early and decided to take a walk to Starbucks, it was dark inside and the sign read closed. Very odd for it to be closed that early, especially in Cleveland when there were things going on. So we walked back and decided to wait it out, luckily for us the crowd had started to exit. We found the stage door and slipped inside and off of the sidewalk to try to block some of the wind from slowly killing us. It was literally freezing and I had my tennis shoes on with that breath type material, all of my toes went numb and to the point where it hurt to stand on them. I started jogging in place but that only seemed to warm my upper body up and was doing nothing for my feet. during all of this a mother and her daughter came by and actually walked past us and down into the building, they were kicked out and joined us in the frozen wastelands along with another couple.

Shortly after that the two former Idol contestants came out, there was not much wait time between the show ending and their exit.

Right off the bat they started to talk, shake hands, hug, and greet the 6 of us that were out there. I, like the creeper I am stood off to the side and began recording.

Below is the video of Ace and Diana walking out and then their interaction with everyone, it is two separate videos merged into one.

This video is a great way to show how two celebrities act, happy and unselfish as the camera secretly records.

I love how the camera gets close to them, you can see Ace talking to me after I dropped my pictures on the ground how Diana called me a lovely lady and asked to borrow my sharpie again. Diana after meeting Shari for the 3rd time remembers her name and how to spell it, priceless! These are things that make standing out on the cold streets of Cleveland all worthwhile and we love every minute of it.

Notice right in the beginning how Ace stops and lets Diana walk a head of him, what a gentleman. They both head their separate ways talking to everyone and then make their way to the street and eventually back to the hotel.

A couple of things I like to point out which is something I am good at doing…pointing things out, if it seems like I am acting salty it’s because I am. I want this blog to be a success and by that I have to put forth a lot of effort and time to get it to come together, that also means to take pictures and videos as things are going down. My problem with this whole situation is that when I am recording, I usually get left behind and by that I don’t get to fully interact with the celebrities. In this instance I stand-off to the side and record, casually smiling and throwing out 1 liners here and there without revealing the fact that I am recording. This also means you will rarely see me on camera and you are constantly hearing my horrible voice all loud and slutty coming out of the speakers. It’s a tough job and someone has to do it, right? RIGHT!

The security was being very nice about it but she was also being very pushy, she kept telling me if I wanted a picture I would have to jump into one with a complete stranger to make things go by quicker ( you might even be able to hear it on the video). I agreed but took my time getting there, I don’t want to upset anyone but I am also not going to have a bunch of randoms in my picture with me either. During all of this I did manage to get my playbill signed, thanks to Shari and all while still recording.



Finally it seemed like it was my turn to get a picture, pretty much now or never so I jumped in with Shari (at least I knew her) but of course I am off to the side and look like a chach (I am never happy) and then.. get this. I think this is what sets me off, so in the beginning the younger girl gets like 2 pictures with the couple and then at the end her mother was like can I get one too and the nice people that they are allow another fan to get a picture EVEN with the pushy security. So, I have come to the realization that it is ME, I am the problem here. All I had to do was ask “hey can I get one?” but no, I was worried about making them mad or holding them up and therefore am the only one without a solo picture. I don’t think the two would have had a problem as they were very kind and patient and the best part is, the security wasn’t even walking them back to their hotel she just wanted them out of the Playhouse area. So you mean to tell me we could have walked 3 more feet out onto the street and I could have had a little bit more time and not felt rushed about getting a picture with them? Probably, another lesson learned. However I did get a picture and I did get to meet them, get an autograph and some nice video so all in all it was more than a success. I just want everything to be perfect and in life  that is hard to come by, so from here on out I am going to try to be more forward and less of the wallflower. 🙂

Thanks to The Playhouse square and to the great couple Diana and Ace for hanging out in the cold with a bunch of crazy fans!

And to all of YOU, please keep reading, sharing and commenting. Let me know if you have any ideas or thoughts, I would love to hear them.




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