A Great Big World

A Great Big World!

This story begins one cold January night, OK actually I don’t remember when any of this really happened but I shall tell the tale anyways.

A few weeks ago we found out A Great Big World was coming to The House of Blues on Monday, February 3rd. We planned to buy some tickets, go to the show and stalk before OR after. Well we waited too long and just our luck ..the tickets were sold out, balls! That was fine because our plan was still to snag these two men one way or another, we just didn’t know for sure how we were going to go about it.

We then heard that the group was hitting up two radio stations before arriving at HOB, we pondered the idea of maybe showing up there and skipping the concert. We both worked so everything depended on when we could get off and how quick we could get from point A to point B.

Shari entered to win an in studio pass at 96.5 Kiss FM and we found out Saturday night she won. Now you think this would be easier, and yes it would be BUT now if we wanted to go we would have to make arrangements with our work. I was able to take a half a day and last-minute Shari was able to swing it too with her employer, piece of cake.

The funny thing is, is that the radio station called her the night before and left a message on her home answering machine. However her parents failed to let her know so when she went to call them back and confirm she got no answer, this made us nervous. She called and left a few messages and even contacted them two different ways on Twitter. We went back and forth about it all Sunday night, during the Super Bowl and decided to just go up there. If they gave our seats away we would just creep outside and snag the boys as they walk in OR out but I had a feeling there would not be a problem and there wasn’t.

So Shari and I worked a few hours and when work ended we raced down to Clear Channel where 96.5 Kiss FM lived. We walked up and got right in, no problems at all. They shuffled us into a room filled with a handful of 12 year olds and 2 women in their 40’s who dressed like they were in their 20’s. We waited for a while due to technical difficulties at Q104’s headquarters but they finally showed up, did their sound check and then shuffled us into another room. Like our last in studio experience with Karmin, the two of us got to sit right in the front where all the action is. A few short minutes later  Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino  walked in, they immediately made interaction with the small group and then jumped right into one of their songs “Rock Star”

I apologize in advance, the video is a bit shaky at first but mellows out. Also, my phones memory was maxed out and cut off recording towards the end, like a weirdo I was at the pet store the day before taking numerous videos of 2 ferrets playing together.

Check out the video below.

Next up was “Say Something” the most anticipated song of the year, or close to it.. performed by Ian. He goes into a little bit about the song and then begins the music on his keyboard. Enjoy the video below!

After that was all said and done they guys were asked a series of questions from some of the ladies in studio, I couldn’t think of anything fun or witty to say so I stayed quiet. Below is the Q & A session.

They put on a very intense, in the moment heartfelt performance. I am very glad we got to go and share the experience with them, they deserve what lies ahead of them.

The guys exited the room and got ready for the photo shoot outside, we followed behind everyone and got in line. We got our pictures taken and received a personalized autographed picture of the two.

IMG_0168       IMG_0167


While I was getting my picture taken Shari asked the guys for a shutout which pretty much was them waving and screaming “hi” into the camera. Super cute!

We had a good time, can’t wait for them to roll through Cleveland again!!
Much thanks to 96.5 Kiss FM and to A Great Big World!
AND thank you to all my fans!!
Stalk ya later.


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