Jon Reep

Jon Reep:

I don’t know why I’ve never been to an actual comedy club before, I went once and now I am hooked, let me tell you why.
1) Who doesn’t love to laugh? I know it’s one of MY favorite things to do, my laugh is contagious, loud, and very unique. I share my mom’s laugh and actually once we laughed in the same sequence, took the same breaths, held it out for the same amount of time, it was awesome and slightly disturbing. I also LOVE to make people laugh and I am pretty good at it, although I find myself not so funny when trying to force something. I am more of a natural comedian, I do however think of funny things to say whenever that particular situation decides to happen…I’ll be ready.
2) It’s a great and easy way to snag some celebrity face time and usually at a reasonable rate. No waiting outside in the cold behind some bushes next to a dumpster begging for a picture, however who doesn’t like a challenge?
Of course this was my second time going to a show, my first was Tom Green as you all should remember. That one was a tiny project, a project in which I made for myself but it all worked out. Some celebrities actually sign/take pictures with after the show and wait outside but sometimes you get the ones that don’t or just go to the bar and you have to hound them but once again shit needs to get done and so you do it.
3) It’s a great excuse to get the man to come with me on my outings, he usually won’t turn down a night of dinner, comedy, and the possibility of some nookie. All he has to do is tag along and be ready to take the picture, he’s down for anything as long as it’s not taking longer than 5 minutes. 😉
I was doing my usual celebrity scouting to see who was coming when and where so I could start planning ahead for our next excursion when I saw that Jon Reep was coming to Hilarities.  My husband and I watched him win Last Comic Standing in 2008 and found this down home boy absolutely hilarious. So you can understand my excitement, I confirmed this with Pat and bought our tickets.
Tickets were cheaper than Tom Green AND we had better seats, ended up being the first in line and got sat right up at the stage. I always opt for the pick up tickets so that I can have them sign it, smart huh?
Prior to all of this I started to follow Jon on twitter and randomly began bothering him through tweets and such. He had re-tweeted one thing and then actually responded back to another, once again.. my excitement!!
So that night rolls around and we get our seats, closest to the stage and now I’m a bit nervous.
The two comedians that came on before were black and funny, double threat.
Jon came on directly after and right away had people laughing, obviously.
It was a good time for sure, be was absolutely hilarious and very entertaining.
We kept making eye contact but I think it was just me being overactive, I mean I was 36 inches away from him..kind of hard not to. He even at one point asked Pat what he was drinking “Pepsi” was his response, I don’t quite remember what the joke was about but he gave Pat a high-five. Super cool, eh?
The show ended and Jon advised everyone that he would be out front selling his DVD and taking pictures, that’s exactly what I wanted to hear. So I followed the crowd into the lobby and waited my turn patiently.
The one comedian was selling shirts, Not Made in China or something like that and Pat bought one. I wanted to get a picture with him but I got nervous to ask plus he was being a Chatty Cathy.
The line started moving forward and Jon was only a few peeps away from me, usually at this point I start recording on the DL but it never crossed my mind to. I’ve realized that I have gotten worse at this stalking job the longer I go on. Anywho. I finally approached him and he says. “Hey, I know you. Well I don’t really know you.” Or something along those lines, I go to shake his hand and he goes to give me a hug so I take back the shake and go in for the squeeze. I’m a huger anyways but I didn’t want to come off to strong, lucky for me he was a huger to. This is where I start to fade away and forget what is going on around me, this is where recording would have come in handy. I get my picture taken with him, with my new camera my Dad and Diane got me for Christmas. He then starts talking to me and says how he checked out my stalking page, which was super cool of him and he might have said more. I then asked if he would sign my ticket stub in which he obliged, I’m sure we said a few more words but I can’t remember. I know I thanked him again, Pat said his good byes and then we left.
                                                                                                                                                                            We will defiantly see him the next time he comes to Cleveland.
I would love to have stayed and had a drink with him or talked more, he seemed very down to earth and humble. I know he would have given the blog a shout out and I wish I had asked him but sometimes I don’t want to overstep my boundaries. I guess that’s what you have to do if you want to go places and make a name for yourself.
SO, Jon. Here I am asking you now, many weeks later for a shout out. Hoping if and when you see this and actually read it to the end that you wouldn’t mind helping me out. Just a short clip a few seconds long, you can send it to me a dozen different ways just let me know. Hope to hear from you soon.
Ok folks, stay tuned for our next big adventure which is .. I have no clue. (sad face)
Thanks again, STALK ya later.

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