This is the Tom Green show!

Well hello there everyone, once again I am super sorry for the delay. I was having a hard time logging in but I finally figured it out, which was NOT that hard after all… It was just remembering my password.

So, not much has happened since STALKtober and I apologize. It’s kind of a bummer but I have been busy with work plus the temperature is like below freezing these days.

However I did manager to snag two for the month of November, one I will share with you right now.

So, while doing some research for our next victim I decided to check out Pickwick and Frolic, which is a comedy club downtown. There were a few but Tom Green caught my eye, so I bought two tickets. I have never been there and thought it would be a nice date night for my husband and I to go to. Shari has seen/meet Mr.Green already so she opted out on this trip but did inform me that the comedians sign 99.9% of the time afterwards. I figured this would be an easy grab and a way to get Pat suckered into the festivities.

We went down early and ate at Hilarities but were not all that impressed with the food, the dining experience was fun since we don’t get out much but the food was on the fancy side and we’re are pretty simple people. When that was all said and done we paid our bill and got in line, we wanted good seats in our section. The seats were not that bad, we were the middle and slightly off to stage right.

Patrick Coppolino was the opening act and he was hilarious, he was dry for the first few minutes and made me nervous but once he started describing his hemorrhoids in detail I was sold.

Tom Green came out soon after and had the crowd going! I actually hate to say it but I laughed harder with the first guy than I did with Tom but they were both I FELT two different types of comedians. Tom is more stare and scream at you where the other guy was more jokes… Or something. IDK. Anyways. We enjoyed ourselves.

Security was pretty serious so I couldn’t do my normal get some video and share with the World, I tried to be all sly but all I got was audio and blackness. That I won’t bore you with and to be honest I haven’t even listened to it.

So after the show I waited to hear the directions from the voice above, which I was told will come on directing people to leave or to meet Tom Green. I didn’t hear that so I went into panic mode like I always do in these situations. I asked one guy and he told me to hit the bar, most times the comedians will end the night with a few drinks. Pat came back and said someone told him that Tom had left already, which I knew was bullshit because I just saw him when the exit door to the theater opened and he was standing there staring at me.

We headed out into the hallway by the bathroom, there were a few other people standing around so I figured he would come by this way, especially if he was heading to the bar. I took this moment to use the bathroom and of course when I came out Pat was like you missed him, good thing for me he was just heading outside for something and ended up coming back inside through the door he exited in. I put my phone in record mode, as you all know I like to record the moments as they are happening. He was coming closer to me so I asked for a quick picture (this I have on video, maybe I will upload later), he agreed. At this time I asked Pat to use his phone, he was unprepared and was confused as to why I would need his phone when I had my phone but little did he know that I was recording. Anyways. I handed him my phone but in my nervousness never switched it back over to camera, so poor Pat is trying to take a picture and all it’s doing it recording me standing there looking like a turd.

Take a look below at how it all went down.

Tom Green as you can see was pretty cool, I informed him that it was recording the whole time and he let us try again for a picture. After the second time of  it appearing not to work he just walked away from me, now I start to panic… again. He is now taking pictures with someone else and I slowly slide in next to him, almost ruining someone else’s picture. I was like.. “ONE MORE TIME TOM GREEN, IT WAS RECORDING” I yelled as he headed to the bar.  At this point I decided to call it quits and stop acting a fool. I took a peek at the video and was pleased and surprised that it came out well, I told Pat I could just take a few screen shots and it would all be ok.

However I am never happy with my end results and start thinking of how I could have played it cool and used that recording time to have him give a shout out or say something funny BUT NOOOO, I stroke out instead.

During my breakdown Patrick came out and I snagged a picture with him, I made a funny based off one of his jokes and got a laugh. He invited me along on tour as his wing man but I had to decline.


Continuing on – Now Tom Green is at the bar mingling AND by the way, there is a lot more better lighting in there so if I just went to the bar my picture/video could have looked a lot better BUT what if he never went to the bar then I would have missed him totally.. anyways, I can only afford two aneurysms in one night.

We were getting ready to leave and I hand’t gotten him to sign my ticket stub and of course I didn’t have a pen/marker with me so that was out of the question. I decided to cut my losses and head home.

Tom Green

I still have my stub and I plan to mail it to him, I doubt I will ever do that. Guess I”ll have to grab him the next time he comes around and this time I will be more prepared, which is a total lie.


Thank you again everyone!!



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