Marc Sumerak

I stumbled upon Marc Sumerak  at The Great Lakes Mall on black Friday outside the Comic and Friends store.

I slowly walked by and scouted out the place, I asked Pat who he was and he had no idea but he had a table set up with books and people were getting autographs.

Well, you know me.. I can’t pass up a possibly opportunity no matter how big or small. So I circled around and asked him a few questions, he informed me that he is a writer and editor for Marvel Comics. I thought this was pretty cool so I took a deep breath and asked if I could get a picture with him and of course he agreed, who wouldn’t?



I then informed him how I have a blog and would love to interview him and he agreed once again.

NOW, this was my FIRST interview and I was NOT prepared but that is pretty normal with me if you’ve been following along. So I randomly made up a few questions and began filming, it’s short and sweet but I am proud of it.

Of course I never did buy a book for $5.00 and have him sign it, I feel bad about that. I don’t think he’ll hold a grudge if anything he’ll thank me for helping get his career off the ground. (Winky face)

Please give it up for our local Cleveland Celebrity, everyone deserves some love.



Shari and I are traveling to Pittsburgh to STALK Justin Timberlake this Friday, wish us luck.


Thank you again!!



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