Joan Rivers

Stalktober held many good events for Shari and myself to attend.

One of them was Joan Rivers, we didn’t actually go see her but I kinda wish we did. Instead we hung out and grabbed her on the way into The Playhouse Square.

This was probably the easiest and quickest one by far, we like it when it’s simple.

Mother was supposed to go with Shari and I but got held up with prior commitments, so instead it was just the dynamic duo. I got out of work, went home and waited for Shari to come pick me up. We had to make a pit stop to pick up a book my mom had that Joan wrote “Having a baby can be a scream” that came out in 1974. My mom had seen her perform years ago and thought she had her sign it but we couldn’t find the signature anywhere, so she asked I try to have her sign it..again.

We got the book and were on our way, it was probably after 4 when we parked and made our way to the designated stalking area.

We casually chilled out in the cold and waited, a different security gentlemen popped out and stood guard. This was a sign that we were in the right place and that it might be happening soon. We had our books and markers ready just in case, we know how rushed celebrities can be.

Shortly after that another gentleman appeared and looked over at us, I quickly turned away. This was the guy from Wanda Sykes who I overheard to be the guy who owns the building. I got nervous he would recognize me and have me arrested but either he didn’t or did and didn’t care. So I stayed hidden until the time was right and that time was when Joan pulled up.

A fancy black care with tinted windows rolls to a stop at the curb and Mr.Building Owner walks over to the door. “This is it” I tell Shari and I start the camera. Check out the video below of how it goes down, I have 2 separate shots put together. The first half of the video is the introduction and the second half is us trying to get the wine bottle out of my bag.

Let me fill you in on this wine bottle, by which now I am considering good luck… kinda.

Initially I bought it for Wanda Sykes, I wanted to give it to her as a thank you and a good luck gift. We tried to give it to her in the beginning but she was late for the show, then I could have given it to her manager but totally forgot. So the wine came home with me until I brought it back out  for Johnny Mathis, we didn’t get to see him so that never happened. Zac Hanson had a birthday and I could have given it to him but it was in the car and there was no way to get it to him. So, Joan River it was. However we never took it out of the bag and everything happened so fast that when I had Shari try and get it out we couldn’t in time and she walked away. So now I have this bottle of wine that we want to give to our next victim.

So, things that went down that of course are not on the video.

Joan accepted to take a picture was us and begins to say how it had to be quick because she didn’t have her hair and makeup on, she was super cool about it.

I decided we do a group picture since it’s quicker and I didn’t want to piss anyone off by having us take multiple photos, plus a random mob of people started running down the street.

After the picture I wanted to try and see if she would sign for us and she did, I first handed her moms book. I wish this was recorded but it wasn’t, she had made a comment of how old the book was and seemed surprised we had it. I told her the story about my mom and she signed it. “Linda – Great that you kept this” I then had her sign a random piece of scrap paper I took from home, telling her it’s not as exciting as a 40 year old book. She signed for Shari which I did get on video and then that was when the attempt for the wine bottle happened.

Joan 065


It’s not a bad picture, I am a bit insecure about my little boy appearance but I’ll get over it.

Once again another successful encounter.

Joan Rivers was very kind and even though she wasn’t all dolled up yet decided to take pictures with us anyways.

The next time she comes around I plan on getting tickets and attending her show!



Thank you to everyone who keeps coming back and tagging along with us on our adventures, please comment and share!!

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