Icona Pop(s) into our lives.


Sorry for long delays in between posts, tracking down celebrities takes time and long hours.

I had purchased three (3) tickets off of Groupon for $10 a piece, great deal. Pat wanted to see the concert but had no interest in the festivities (stalking) that would take place hours before the show.

September 15th, 2013 Shari and I woke up at noon and headed to downtown Cleveland where we set up shop behind House Of Blues. There was already a tour bus there but the hardest part was figuring out who was actually on it. Icon Pop had like 3 opening acts and it could very likely been their bus, so the wait began. Shari and I kept watch for any movement or suspicious activity, which was pretty boring since all we were doing was sitting on a cold curb.

Finally random naked people started to emerge from the bus and of course I was ready and recording, check out the footage below.

The two gentleman happened to be members from K.FLAY and Sirah which we found out after the show and saw who they belonged to.

Shortly after that… 2 chicks appeared and headed towards the street away from us, Shari just knew it was someone special and we took off after them. I know what you are thinking and NO, it’s not the ladies from Icona Pop..YET.

Check out the video below as we put our stalking into 3rd gear.


That was K.FLAY who we ran into, listen how I pretend we just happened to be looking for something to eat too (how ironic) and strangely enough ran into them. She was super cool and took pictures with us, no we didn’t end up showing her around or having lunch with her either.

After that we hurried back to our curb and bushes to wait for Icona Pop.

While we were waiting a man came over to us, he was one of the crew and informed us Icona Pop was flying in and would not arrive till around 3:30pm. We had some time to kill so we hit up Tower City, got some snacks, a beverage, and used the facilities. I was nervous and had to poop but I held that off till later, didn’t want to be late getting back.

We arrived shortly before 3:30 and patiently waited, things were quite and we were getting ancy. We decided to walk past the back entrance to House Of Blues and check things out, there was a young kid standing guard. We asked him some questions regarding Icona Pops whereabouts but he was clueless. Just then a vehicle pulled up and was asking our friend a question, not sure what about but 30 seconds later the ladies from Icona Pop stepped out from the car.

Below is video of the whole encounter, please pay no attention to my voice. I really need to stop talking.

Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo were the two most sweetest gals ever, they stopped to talk, sign, and take pictures.  I am so glad we got to meet them and experience what great people they are, massive props.

Icona Pop


After we got to meet them, Shari and I went home since we had a few hours left before the concert.

When we arrived at The House Of Blues, Shari and I got a free makeover curtsy of Bed Head products and Q104. I got a mohawk and Shari got cute glittery ribbons or something put in her hair, Pat opted out of the fun.

All the shows were great and at one point we slipped out to meet Sirah after her performance, she was the only one we hadn’t snagged yet. Very friendly and adorable, we informed her that we were the ones outside the bus. She said she saw us and waved from the inside but obviously we didn’t see her.  She signed her poster “Lauren, I wish we hung out in the bushes. Till next time…”



Shari and I then  made our way back in and off to the right side of the stage where we waiting for the main event. Even though we were off to the side we had a great view, except for this middle aged cracked out woman who constantly flayed her arms back and forth ruining everyone’s pictures and getting in the way… Oh well, she was having a good time too.

Check out the videos below of Icona Pop during the show.


We had a great time, everyone we met was super cool and laid back. Their performances were fun and exciting and I am glad we were able to share in that moment.

Thank you everyone again for stalking by, please share and post your comments. XOXO

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