Penn & Teller are…steller

HI folks.

This is a short and to the point story.

This experience happened September 4th, 2010 at the Rio hotel in Las Vegas.

We had went back to Vegas with a few of our friends and while we were there they wanted to see a show, so Penn & Teller it was.

We had a great time, exciting and funny all mixed into one. Actually I don’t really remember much about it and NO I wasn’t drunk, I just have a sieve for a brain. I do remember them doing one trick with a cell phone I think it was, that was neat…from what I can recall. 😉

Afterwards the gentleman came out in the lobby to take pictures and sign some autographs, ahh duh..sign me up.

Teller was super cute, I swear he lipped something to me..or whispered. Ugh, it was so long ago…wait, where am I?

Penn was very large and very nice.

Check out the pictures below, notice how fat and ugly I am…Ugh and my hair, don’t get me started.

Actually the one with Teller and I is cute, I just look like a horrible crop job with a bad wig in the Penn one.

Me and Penn Me and Teller



Oh. I JUST noticed they are matching.


Thank you and STALK again!!

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