I finally met Carlos Baerga!!

On August 25th, 2013 I FINALLY met CARLOS BAERGA, former player of the Cleveland Indians… annnnnd I almost cried.

Since I was a weeee little girl Carlos has always been my favorite and on many occasions I tried to meet him but it never happened. I remember one day in particular, after the game I went down to the gates where all the players parked. I waited for him to come out, he did…in his shiny shoes and got into a fancy vehicle and drove out of my life.

Recently I heard that Key Bank was doing some kind of promotion where you sign up for a checking account and you get to meet Carlos and Omar Vizquel. Well.. there was a deadline (which I missed) and as of now I am working on still getting all up in that BUT lets take a step back.

Pat had his company picnic at Progressive Field like they do every year, free food and fountain drinks. We got inside but had to wait to be let into the picnic area, as we waited I asked a supervisor standing near by an important question.

“How the hell do I get to meet Carlos and Omar on September 21st?” Ok, I didn’t say it like that but you get the idea. He informed me that if I went to guest services he was sure they could help me out, I was stoked. Shortly after that I said something similar to the ticket taker who informed me that Carlos was present at THIS game… I about shit. She gave me all the pertinent information and that’s when my mission began.

The shakes had taken over my body as I piled food onto my plate and quickly devoured it, I only had a small window of opportunity and I wasn’t going to waste it.

Ricky, my stepson was the only one willing to go on this journey with me and I informed him he made it to silver stepson status, he seemed happy and also embarrassed at the same time.

The walk literally took 10 minutes as we went from one end allllllll the way to the other end. I believe he was in the terrace section, floor 4. We arrived to the top and a young gentleman helped us out by giving us tickets to get into the lower level area, he was very kind.

We rode the elevator back down and entered the room where I walked right up to the desk and asked about Carlos.

“Is this where Carlos will be?”

“Yes but he wont be here until 1:30-2:00” She said in a nasty tone which made me want to kill her.

“Ok, that’s fine. So I can wait right here then?”

“You can’t wait RIGHT here, you will be in the way of people coming in.”

“I wasn’t going to literally stand here…..”

“He will be at that table over there.”

‘Then I will wait over there..”


…Are you bored yet, this story is really taking a long time to tell…or maybe it’s me taking a long time to write it.

Anyways, there was a small table set up for him to sign autographs and take pictures. During this time I was a nervous wreck and couldn’t stop pacing around, I’m sure I made everyone else around me nervous too.

Marquis Grissom came in, he was also a former Indians player and I think ended up throwing out the first pitch that game. I stood there, didn’t want to overstep my boundaries when he asked how we were doing and if we wanted an autograph. Well, sure we do. I happened to tape a small bit of that interaction before he signed a glossy picture of himself and then took a picture with us.  Check out my nipples below.


Very nice guy!!


Now we wait for CARLOS!

I turned to Ricky and politely said to him.. “I don’t want to come off as a dick but I just want it to be Carlos and I in the picture” This is why I would make a horrible mother but he didn’t care one way or another.

By this time I was getting more anxious and sweaty as the clock was ticking down and at one point our friend from upstairs came to check on us. Super nice kid, said that it’s free to sit upstairs at the bar..  I think he was lonely and wanted some company.

FINALLY Carlos came in, cocky as shit..it was awesome.

The good thing is that there was not a lot of people, so it was pretty chill and laid back. I got in line, he turned to me and I started stuttering like a little girl. I almost cried, I couldn’t talk.. it was very unattractive. I got my picture, stole a hug and walked my sex legs out the door but not before I managed to tell him how I was a huge fan since I was tiny..not sure if it came out like that, don’t actually remember what I said to be honest.


Look how cool he is..with his thumbs up and I’m all like derr.


Below is a video, three separate clips put together by Windows Live Movie Maker.. which I am still not sure how to use. Listen closely as I breath like a fat woman walking up the stairs, my slurs are pretty sweet too so try not to miss that, oh and take notice of the lame things I say.



Things I regret on this adventure. 1) I kept the sun glasses on, I look like a gay fly. I even went to the bathroom and did a with/without look, I felt my face was better to hide behind the frames but now I look back and I wish I had taken them off. I was INSIDE, what was I thinking? 2) I should of had him sign it “To Lauren” there was time, I am sure he would have done it.  3) I didn’t ask him to give a shout out to the blog, which never crossed my mind until my mom asked if I did.

It’s to late, I can’t dwell on the past BUT what I can do is get myself another chance to meet him again and this time do it right.


Thank you again!!

Please share this blog with friends and family!! OR ELSE. .. Just kidding.

Stalk ya later!

3 thoughts on “I finally met Carlos Baerga!!”

  1. Hi!
    I am Lauren’s mom.
    I can tell you when this obsession began……….
    In 1983, I was about 5 months (?) pregnant w/Lauren, when my mom & I went to the Browns training camp. At that time I do believe they trained @ Lakeland comm. college.
    I just thought Dino Hall was the cutest guy around! Except for Lauren’s dad of course!!!
    Well, they were coming off the field when I spotted him. So, there I go, RUNNING, w/this BIG belly w/mom right behind me, screaming,”Dino wait!” He looked towards us, but kept walking to the door. I couldn’t believe he could be that “cruel!!!!!”. lol. Well, he finally turned & walked over to us, saying, “How could I turn down the request of a pregnant woman.”
    I had a pic taken w/him and he signed something I had brought. I think it was a ticket stub.
    It’s been 30 years, but I rember it clear as day! Dino, if you’re out there, Thank you!!!!!

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