An En Vogue failed attempt turns up Cleveland Hero.

The plan was to get En Vogue before their performance at 8:30, little did we know that they would roll up in a taxi at 8:20 and disappear. Here is our story.

I worked till 3:30 and raced down the freeway to get Shari, got her ass and made it to House Of Blues a little after 4:00pm. We scouted the area which turned up nothing out of the ordinary, this usually makes it harder for us to devise a plan. Many cars were coming and going which also made it hard for us to pick out the drop off vehicle but we continued to watch. During this time I decided to tape Shari giving a brief explanation of what we were looking for, when we were rudely interrupted. Watch below.




We had about three interruptions similar to that during the 4 and a half hours we were there waiting. We also ran into a little girl and her drunk Aunt and Grandma, she had a sign and wanted to meet the one member of the group. Which we found out was no long a part of the group, they later disappeared into the building to see the show. During this time we met a big En Vogue fan who filled us in on some stuff and waited with us till the end, we became Facebook friends and found out he is one of us. While all this was going on a car drove up and two dark skindid men got out with two black women we assumed to be part of the band, we ended up being wrong. We watched as the one man walked back and fourth on the street, he was looking for a car. We figured him to be a manager or part of the band somehow, so our new friend went up to him and asked him a question. This man ended up being Cleveland’s Hero, Charles Ramsey! Once we found out who he was we JUST had to get some pictures with him.

Charles RamseyShari

Charles was super cool and funny, he talked with us for a bit before he left. We found out that supposedly En Vogue had invited him to come down for dinner and gave him V.I.P access to the show. He was pacing the street looking for the group who appeared to have stood him up. He left, came back out later and found us still chillin’, he said he was going to make us his entourage and then bring En Vogue out himself for us. That was the last time we saw Mr.Ramsey, he meant well. (I have more videos that I might post later)

It was getting darker and by that I mean the night sky was slowly losing light and we were running out of time before the show started, either En Vogue slipped by us or they were running late. Turns out while the three of us were to busy on our phones a taxi drove past us and up to the entrance, I had a feeling but no one was listening to me. I looked up, taxi was gone and in it’s place were three African American women standing there. Still no one was listening to me, I finally got our friends attention and he confirmed it was them. We took off in a light stroll, not to scare anyone away but we were a good distance back so we had to hurry. I got some video of us attempting to get their attention, one of the girls waved but it’s not on tape. My lame butt was not prepared and therefore have horrible video of it, of course I was taping everything else all night long (hookers, homeless, Browns fans, mothers dragging kids behind them..) but the one time it counted I was snoozing. Anyways, Check out the video below.

So ladies and gentleman, this is our FAILED attempt at meeting the band En Vogue. We need to brush up on our tactics and be a smidgen more aggressive..without ending up in jail. Normally we wait till after the show but we are working girls and need to get to bed at a reasonable time.

On the positive side we DID get a glimpse of them and met Charles Ramsey in the mix.


Thank you for checking us out and please STALK again.

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