Stipe Miocic

Thanks to the Happy Moose Bar and Grill in Mentor on Thursday evening I got to meet Stipe Miocic, a MMA fighter from Independence, Ohio.

I saw the Facebook feed about the meet and greet and right away contacted Shari but this time around she was out car shopping and couldn’t make it, Pat filled in nicely.

Of course I don’t watch UFC or MMA and had no idea who this Miocic guy was but I Googled his name, he was legit and therefor was my next victim.

Pat and I went up there around 5 to get some eat’s, knowing the meet and greet was from 6-8.

It was getting closer to 6 and he walked his tall ass past us and into the back where the outside patio was. I started to get nervous because we were still inside and had just got our dinner, I didn’t want to miss out on something or be stuck at the back of the line. See, I get like this.. all flustered and anxiety sets in right away but Pat told me to calm down.. I was being to dramatic.  I ate faster than usual, my eyes constantly looking ahead of me at the door to the back. I finally got up and asked the hostess if I needed to be back there, I didn’t want to miss the fun but I also didn’t want to be early and bugging him while he ate. The hostess didn’t know but she was going to find out for me, by now it might have hit 6.  I waited..and waited but no one came back to give me the green light.

Pat had noticed a guy with some autographed pictures and told me to just go back there, so I did. However I was still nervous because he was sitting at a table facing out with some peeps and I didn’t want to be..THAT guy. Once again I asked someone, this time one of the bartenders. She was not 100% sure but thought it was just casual, no lines or body guards, just walk up to him and go from there. Good thing though because I had a surprise birthday party I had to be at by 7:30, things were going smoothly.

Still not fully comfortable I ran back in to get Pat, who came back out with me to take the picture.

I walked up to the table like a creeper with my boy haircut as everyone around starred at me. I got to the table and smiled, Stipe grabbed a picture and a marker and looked at me.

Finally I spoke up “Lauren” (He wanted to know what name to sign) he asked the correct spelling of my name and how I was doing, he commented on the weather and was super nice.

I asked for a picture and he agreed, made some funny comment about him taking the picture for me..we shared a moment. He was tall and sweaty but I was cool with it. He thanked me, I thanked him and then we went our separate ways.

Thank you again for stalking by!



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