Karmin’s Amy and Nick

I’m a little embarrassed to admit this but I really had no idea who Karmin was until today and let me tell you, fan for life.

Of course I know the song Brokenhearted…but that’s about it AND now my favorite song is ACAPELLA.

Shari won tickets from 96.5 Kiss FM and I ended up going as her guest.

This is how it started.

Shari Pollack – First thing, I need someone to take my 10-4 shift at Regal tomorrow because I just won tickets to meet Karmin from 96.5 KISS FM. 2nd, who wants to go with me??
Lauren Dodge …hi. what time? LoL
Shari Pollack 11:30
Shari Pollack Nobody will work for me…but I’m not passing this up!
Lauren Dodge What time you going up?
Lauren Dodge I might be able to do half day, which is 10:30.
Shari Pollack I have to be there between 11:30-11:45 :_)
Shari Pollack that would be perfect actually.
Shari Pollack I’m sure I’d be able to be back at Regal by like 1:30
Lauren Dodge Ahhhhh. Fuck it. Count me in.

The rest is us pretty much trying to find her a way out of work, she ended up switching her shift and working 4-12am. :-/

10:30 came around and I bounced out of work and hit the road, I was in Independence within 35 minutes. We walked into the Clear Channel building, I changed my clothes and then we hit the elevator and made our way upstairs, signed in and got cool little name badges. We were just chilling on the couch when the elevators opened up and out stepped the band Karmin, we just stared like.. Is that them.. They turned to look at us, we waved, they waved and then they had disappeared through the studio doors. Once again I failed at having my camera ready and didn’t get any of that on file, that’s ok though..the best is to come.

Finally we were brought back into a tiny room with a dirty desk and a phone where we waited for another 15-20 minutes at least. During this time we listened to their sound check and had entertained ourselves until it was showtime.

FINALLY..for realz this time we were moved into the studio and within 30 seconds Karmin had come in, here is the video.

Then they stopped and asked if anyone had any questions. I was waiting for Shari to ask her series of serious questions but she never did and I got nervous and spoke up. I told them it was a 2-part question, I informed them about GoneStalking.com and asked if they would give a shout out and then I asked how they felt about people like Shari and myself being all up in their personal space. Of course..fail #2 none of this was recorded until the very end, take a look.

It was a pretty lame video but as you can see they agreed to meet with us afterwards, they also commented on the “Stalking” part of the question but I can’t remember what they said.. I had dry mouth & might have urinated with excitement at that moment.

Up next was Karmin performing their new single Acapella, I didn’t catch the super beginning & stopped before the end, also it’s a tad blurry at first but I finally realized it and fixed it. ENJOY!

They played 2 songs and then in a single file line we followed them out into the.. lobby area I guess you would call it and waited while they took pictures with everyone.

Shari went first, she got her picture taken and was handed the pre-signed glossy photo of the band AND THEN she asked to rap Super Bass with Amy.. Check it out below.

Super Bass =  Super Sweet!

She said she was going to do it.. and she did.

I then went next to get my picture, one with my phone and one for the radio station website.

Me and Karmin


Just when you thought it was over, take a peek below to see my stalking skills in action.

During all of this they were trying to scoot Shari and myself out but I reminded them that Karmin promised us a shout out and thus they let us stay. We approached Amy and Nick who was more then happy to oblige, video below to see what happened next.

As you can see the band Karmin was super cool, funny, generous, patient, and sexy. I am so glad I tagged a long with Shari and met these fine folks, I recommend them and their music to everyone.

Coming down from our high and going down in the elevator we ran into the gentleman who played the guitar during their studio performance and another man somehow affiliated with Karmin. All 4 of us squeezed into the elevator and of course I had to record as they tried to keep all the equipment from getting smashed between the doors and document the experience as it was unfolding.


I have more pictures but I will only bore you with two!

randoms 145

randoms 157


That should be it for now, please stay tuned for more real soon!

Thank you again for stalking by.




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